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Jessi Ramsey
Full name

Jessica Davis Ramsey


#14, Hello, Mallory


FF #1, Everything Changes


Junior Officer


Jessi or Jess


June 30


Oakley, New Jersey




Janice Ramsey (mother)
John Ramsey (father)
Becca Ramsey (sister)
Squirt Ramsey (brother)
Ramsey Family


Quint Walter


Stoneybrook Middle School
Stamford Ballet School
Stamford Ballet Society



First Appearance

#14, Hello, Mallory

Final Appearance

Graduation Day

Portrayed by

Nicole Leach (TV)
Zelda Harris (Film)
Anais Lee (Netflix)

Jessica "Jessi" Davis Ramsey is a Junior Officer in the Baby-sitters Club. She is the daughter of John Ramsey and Janice Ramsey. She is the older sister of Becca and Squirt Ramsey and the niece of Cecelia Parker.

Mallory Pike is the other Junior Officer and her best friend. She made her first appearance in, Hello, Mallory and made her final regular appearance in Baby-sitters Club: Friends Forever Super Special #1 Everything Changes. Jessi makes a cameo in Graduation Day.

Personal Info


  • Birthday is June 30
  • Current address is 612 Fawcett Avenue
  • Jessi narrates books: #16, #22, #27, #36, #42, #48, #55, #61, #68, #75, #82, #103, #115

Physical Description

Five feet, two inches tall and tall for her age in Mallory and the Trouble with Twins. Jessi is beautiful, long-legged, thin, and graceful. She is African American and has pretty brown eyes with long eyelashes. Jessi acts gracefully no matter what's she's doing.

She wears reading glasses as mentioned in Jessi and the Troublemaker.


Jessi got her ears pierced with Mallory. She needs braces but has yet to get them. She has a white sweatshirt that says ABT (American Ballet Theatre). She often wears dance-inspired forms of casual clothing. She does not wear a bra. Similar to Mallory, she is not allowed to wear miniskirts. She wears size 6 shoes. Jessi wears glasses for reading in Hello, Mallory.

Personality Traits

She is a terrible letter writer and is very good at languages. In Mary Anne in the Middle, she can be rather cold-tempered and mean when she wants to be. She is also shown to be loyal to her friends.

In Stacey's Movie, she explains that sometimes she thinks that her Stoneybrook friends will be bored if she goes on about dance. With her dance friends she can talk with forever about stuff like steps and jumps. Jessi also feels that it can be a strain being a minority in Stoneybrook. After Mallory leaves for boarding school, Jessi is aware that she stands out more and has to be on her best behavior. She also explains that she feels more relaxed with her friends in New York City. Jessi really does love her friends that she has.

She notes that she can be competitive in Jessi and the Awful Secret.

Childhood Experiences

Jessi was born in Oakley, New Jersey at Oakley General Hospital. Her old neighborhood is more multiracial and has more black people than in Stoneybrook. She went to Oakley Elementary. She used to pretend that she and Becca were twins. On the first day of the month, for good luck, she used to say "Rabbit, Rabbit", but nothing happened when she stopped saying it.


Jessi used to live in Oakley, New Jersey (where she was born) but moved to Stoneybrook, Connecticut because her father was transferred to his company's Connecticut office in Stamford, the city closest to Stoneybrook. The Ramseys moved into the house that Stacey McGill lived in on Fawcett Avenue. Later on, her Aunt Cecelia moves in. Jessi and her family went through a rough time when they first moved to Stoneybrook because they were black, and there were few black people in Stoneybrook.

Neighbors were mean to them, and they all had trouble making friends. Jessi had never experienced that before. Her old neighborhood had a mix of white and black people, and everyone got along. Prejudice was something new to her. Unfortunately, she runs into another prejudiced family in Book #56 Keep Out, Claudia!. In spite of this, eventually, the Ramseys are accepted in Stoneybrook. The BSC is the first place in Stoneybrook, besides Mal's house, where Jessi feels fully accepted.

Jessi's primary passion is ballet dancing, which she started when she was four years old. It is unknown where she studied ballet in New Jersey, but she studies under Madame Noelle at Stamford Ballet School. She spent some time in New York City studying under David Brailsford. Brailsford made an offer to Jessi for her to move to New York City and study ballet full time, but she turned it down, saying she preferred to wait until she was older, but she still wanted to do ballet.

Later, while on a school trip to Europe, Jessi meets up with some of Brailsford's troupe. Since one of the stars was unable to perform, Jessi stepped in and danced with the troupe. Jessi has danced in several of her dance school's productions, such as Coppelia and Swan Lake. When Jessi grows up, she would like to either be a professional dancer or a dance teacher. She often gets up early to practice at the barre in her basement.

Jessi also briefly competed as a synchronized swimmer where she won a local medal with her partner in Jessi's Gold Medal.

In Graduation Day, Jessi was going to spend the summer on a world ballet tour. She was going to be travel eight countries. She was at the final BSC meeting in the book.


Her room has ballet posters, stuffed animals, a collection of ceramic horses, and books. Her room used to belong to Stacey.


  • Telling jokes
  • Ballet
  • Horses
  • Reading books
  • Favorite authors are:
    • Marguerite Henry
    • Lynn Hall
  • Her favorite book is Impossible Charlie.
  • Sitting with her family at dinner
  • Endless gum-wrapper chains
  • Babysitting kids
  • Eating junk food
  • Synchronized swimming
  • Solving mysteries
  • Learning languages
  • Walking in the snow (#82)
  • Mikhail ("Misha") Baryshnikov (ballet dancer)
  • Checkers (#82)
  • Diana Ross (SS#8)
  • The Supremes (SS#8)
  • The name Suzanne (#22)


  • Anchovies and green peppers (toppings of pizza)
  • Basketball
  • Being late (#22)


In Stacey's Lie, she and Mallory get a paid jobs at Stoneybrook Community Center for the two week camp they hosted.

Baby-Sitting and Club Experiences


Jessi is not allowed to babysit at nights, except for her siblings. She sometimes gets the look from Kristy because she's occasionally late for meetings on Friday after ballet class. Jessi likes to watch babies, and even likes to change their diapers.


Mrs. Braddock teaches Jessi some American Sign Language before she sits for Matt Braddock, who is deaf. She usually sits for Matt because she knows sign language better than the other BSC members. Marnie Barrett "has a huge crush on her these days" in Kristy's Worst Idea.


She shows an entrepreneurial spirit when she and Mallory start the Kids Incorporated club in Book #14, Hello, Mallory, although it didn't last very long. Jessi sits for Jackie Rodowsky as a test to join the BSC. Her first steady babysitting job is for Matt and Haley Braddock. She volunteers for Mr. Katz's Kids Club at SES when Ms. Simon goes away for a month in Jessi's Wish. Jessi hosts the BSC in her room in Jessi's Wish.

School-Related Experiences


Jessi was a new student in Mal's sixth grade homeroom. Her homeroom teacher is Mrs. Frederickson. She's in Mal's eighth-period science class. She and Mal have Ms. Walden for gym class, who takes them to the community pool complex for swim lessons during class. She has gym on Mondays and Wednesdays. Jessi has only ever missed class for synchronized swimming.

Extracurricular Activities

She is an assistant choreographer/dance captain for the Sixth Grade Follies. She becomes the sixth-grade correspondent for the SMS Express and assistant choreographer for the Peter Pan production.


She is the only black girl in sixth grade; one of about six black kids at SMS. She and Mallory have a different lunch period from the rest of the club members.

Social Activities


She goes by herself to the Halloween Hop in Kristy's Mystery Admirer and the school's spring dance in Stacey's Big Crush. She goes to the Valentine's Dance and Spring Dance at the community center with Curtis Shaller. Jessi dresses as a cowgirl for the Mischief Night Masquerade. She goes with friends to the Valentine's Day Dance in Abby's Un-Valentine.


Jessi has two best friends - one in New Jersey and one in Stoneybrook. Her best friend from New Jersey, Keisha, made her first appearance in Book #16 Jessi's Secret Language. Her best friend in Stoneybrook is Mallory Pike.

In Jessi's Big Break, she makes friends with Tanisha, Maritza, and Celeste from the Dance NY program. In Mary Anne in the Middle, she throws a party for her BSC friends to meet her dance friends.

She is friends with Wendy Loesser in Jessi and the Bad Baby-sitter.

She had a friend named Morgan in The Baby-sitters Remember that had a baby-sibling.


She meets Quint Walter at the Lincoln Center in New York, New York! when he was sitting next to her at a production of Swan Lake. He gives her her first kiss. They write to each other until the figured that they were too young to be in a relationship in Jessi's Big Break. Now, they are just friends.

She likes Curtis Shaller and has gone to two dances with him.


She goes back to Oakley to visit Keisha but finds her and Oakley to be very different. Hawaii is the farthest away from home she's ever been. Jessi and her family have been to Mexico in Jessi's Secret Language.

Ballet Experiences


Jessi always wakes up before her alarm clock at 5:29 am and she gets up to practice every morning. She goes to the Stamford Ballet School and learns under Madame Noelle in advanced classes. Classes are every Tuesday and Friday. It's a tougher class than the one she had in Oakley. Her school is considered to be one of the best schools on the East Coast, not counting the professional ones in New York City.

Jessi is the youngest and newest girl in her class of twelve girls. She can dance en pointe.

In Jessi's Big Break she gets accepted into the Dance NY program after she auditioned for it. She nearly accepted a full-time position but decided not to take it.

She knows that being a professional would be difficult and hard work. In Jessi's Secret Language she mentions she never plans on becoming a professional dancer. She changes her mind by Mallory and the Trouble with Twins.

In Everything Changes, she is in a special ballet program every morning that summer with Madame Noelle. With encouragement, she tries out for a new ballet school in Stamford, The Stamford Ballet Society. It is on par with the American Ballet School in New York City. Jessi gets in and this results in her dropping out of the club.



  • Only two people call her by her full first name; they are her Aunt Cecelia and her ballet teacher, Madame Noelle.
  • She would name her daughter Mary Rose.
  • If she could be any animal, she would be a horse.
  • In Graduation Day she mentions that she just wants one kid.
  • Jessi is a "terrible letter-writer" in book 16.
  • She doesn't mind volleyball in Mallory Hates Boys (and Gym).
  • Her singing voice is apparently "so bad it peels wallpaper."
  • She was in an episode of P.S. 162 when she was in California in California Girls!.

Media Portrayals

TV Series (1990)

She is played by actress Nicole Leach, who also voiced Jessi in several of the Audio Books on Cassette Tape.


She is played by Zelda Harris.

The Baby-Sitters Club (Netflix series)

She is played by actress Anais Lee. In the books, she is introduced in Hello, Mallory, but in this show, she is first introduced in Hello, Camp Moosehead! Part 1.


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