Jill Henderson is an eighth grader at Vista Private School in Palo City, California. She is former friend of Dawn Schafer and a former member of the now-defunct We Love Kids Club.

Jill is described as having dark blonde hair, deep, chocolate brown eyes, and being quiet & shy. She reminded Dawn of Mary Anne.

She shares Dawn's taste in natural foods and is a vegetarian. Jill likes to surf and is very good at it. She doesn't get into mystery books and likes horseback riding more than surfing.

Jill is the only We Love Kids Club member that doesn't live in the neighborhood as Dawn, Maggie, & Sunny. Her house is tucked away in the hills at the edge of town and Jill usually takes a bus to meetings.

Jill's parents are divorced & she lives with her mother and older sister. She also has three boxer dogs named Spike, Shakespeare, and Smee.

In the California Diaries, when the 8th graders moved into the high school building, Jill started to become immature for her age; wearing babyish clothes such as sweaters with ponies on them & had an interest in teddy bears & troll dolls. She started drifting away from Maggie and Sunny due to her immaturity.

Dawn continued to be friends with Jill until she revealed that Dawn's stepmother, Carol was pregnant. Since then, Jill was no longer Dawn, Sunny, or Maggie's friend anymore. Jill was described in SS14, that she was 13 going on 11. She wore pony shoes. She gave Dawn a stuffed puppy as a good luck for high school. She bought a pink glittery purse at the mall. She threw a sleepover for her friends, and decorated her room with pink decorations. She wanted to give them makeovers and watch Disney movies. She wanted them to be in trouble after going to a party.

She loves ghost stories and has two shelves full of them. Her parents are divorced and lives with her mom and older sister, Liz. She has a carpet in her room.

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