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Johnny Hobart is a four year old sitting charge of the Baby-sitters Club. He is the younger brother of Ben, James, and Matthew Hobart. Johnny is a member of the Hobart Family.


Like his brothers, he has reddish-blond hair, a round face and a few freckles across his nose.


In Logan’s Story, Johnny is having a life crisis. He is angry that everyone is bigger, smarter and stronger than he is. He got lost at the Stoneybrook Health Fair after he went to the bathroom by himself. Clarence King had found him and took him to the BSC's booth.

He enters the plastic weight-lifting event in the BSC Mini-Olympics. He wins the Cross-Country Champ Award in Jessi's Gold Medal.

He plays the drums in the All the Children of the World band that the BSC creates. The drums are made out of old cans with the name on the side in Keep Out, Claudia!.

Johnny spends the night at the Pike home as part of the brother trade in Mallory Hates Boys (and Gym). He sleeps on the bottom bunk in the boys room. He, James and Matthew are a nightmare for her and they leave the next day.



  • At least two iguanas that he was super excited for.