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Jonathan Stevenson was the father of Anna Stevenson and Abby Stevenson and the husband of Rachel Stevenson.


He wore steel-rimmed glasses and plaid flannel shirts; Abby remembers him smelling good.


He worked in environmental engineering and urban planning. Jonathan went to the first Woodstock (with a ticket), he kept both and a tee shirt that was all stained since then.

Abby mentions that he would lose his glasses and then find them in odd places later in Welcome to the BSC, Abby.

In Abby the Bad Sport, his parent names are Ruth and David who live close to them on Long Island. It's also mentioned in this book that it's been four years since he died.

Abby mentions that he tells dumb jokes sometimes in Abby and the Notorious Neighbor. Abby notes that she's taken after him and Anna learned to play the harmonica because of him. It's also mentioned when he's feeling sick he acts dramatic and end up being waited on hand and foot.

In Mary Anne to the Rescue, Abby mentions that he gave her a bike safety lecture when she was younger.

Jonathan visited the Grand Canyon and loved the trip and would tell Abby that it's his favorite place in the entire world. He had slides that Abby would watch with him in BSC in the USA. He tried to race a friend to the bottom and went on two different trails. Jonathan stopped on his trail to rest and became breath taken by the view. Before he died, he planned on taking his family to see the canyon. They were going to stay at the Mather Campground and take a mule ride into the south rim.


  • He played the harmonica.
  • Jonathan died in a car crash when Abby and Anna were 9, his death was instant and didn't suffer.
  • Jonathan would always make his wife laugh.
  • He was very competitive.