Jordan Pike is Mallory Pike's 10 year old brother. He is one of the Pike triplets, along with Adam Pike and Byron Pike

Jordan also has a younger brother, Nicky Pike, and sisters Margo Pike, Mallory Pike, Claire Pike, and Vanessa Pike. He lives with his family in Stoneybrook, Connecticut, where he was born.

Jordan can be selfish and rude, but is basically a good kid, except when he gets together with Adam and Byron and starts picking on Nicky with them.

Jordan uses the Bizzer Sign on Nicky sometimes.

Jordan is friends with Dawn Schafer's younger brother Jeff, and so are Adam and Byron.

Jordan is loud and loves soccer and baseball.

Jordan laughs at other's misfortune, but can have a nice side, too.

He goes on vacation with his family to Sea City, New Jersey, every year and have done that for a long time.


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