Jordan Pike is Mallory Pike's 10 year old brother. He is one of the Pike triplets, along with Adam Pike and Byron Pike. Jordan also has a younger brother, Nicky Pike, and sisters Margo Pike, Mallory Pike, Claire Pike, and Vanessa Pike. He lives with his family in Stoneybrook, Connecticut, where he was born. 

Appearance Edit

Like the other Pikes he has dark chestnut hair (sometimes described as brown) and blue eyes. Jordan is 40 seconds older then Adam and about three minutes older then Byron.

Biography Edit

It's mentioned throughout the series that he plays piano. In Dawn and the Impossible Three he is the only one to see Buddy Barrett before he disappears, because he had just gotten out of piano lessons. In Mallory Hates Boys (and Gym) he switches places with Johnny, James and Matthew Hobart. While he was at the Hobart house he impresses Mr. and Mrs. Hobart by playing the piano.

He goes on vacation with his family to Sea City, New Jersey, every year and have done that for a long time.

They decide that they are too old for babysitters and organize their own kickball league to mixed results. They used to be a part of the BSC's Baby-sitters-in-training along with Jeff, but they quit because they decide it takes too much time and they have better things to do.

Adam, Bryon, and Jordan plays in the local little league. In Claudia and the Mystery at the Museum the triplets go to soccer practice. In Dawn and the Impossible Three they go to ice hockey practice. Together Adam, Jordan, and Byron are the most active kids in the Pike family, but Nicky is not so active because he is the youngest. In Claudia and the Middle School Mystery they don’t snitch on each other when a window is broken while playing ball. They call themselves the 3 Musketeers. He admires Spuds Diamond coach on the Olympics and acts like him in Jessi's Gold Medal.

Friends Edit

Pets Edit

  • He, like the others in his family, own Pow a basset hound.
  • Frodo, the family hamster.

Likes Edit

  • Soccer
  • Baseball
  • Picking on Nicky and uses the Bizzer Sign on Nicky sometimes.

Dislikes Edit

  • To get his hair cut

Trivia Edit

  • Jordan can be selfish and rude, but is basically a good kid, except when he gets together with Adam and Byron and starts picking on Nicky with them.
  • Jordan laughs at other's misfortune, but can have a nice side, too.
  • He had the chicken pox.
  • Once made a clubhouse out of a big cardboard box.
  • The triplets know how to speak Pig Latin and even taught Mallory in case they ever needed to say anything in private.
  • The triplets always wear different clothes
  • He and his brothers all had viral pneumonia at the same time as the others.
  • He and his brothers started an odd-job service called ABJ Incorporated when their father lost their job.


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