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Justin Forbes is an eighth grader at Stoneybrook Middle School. He is mentioned throughout The Baby-Sitters Club series.


Justin makes prank calls from Atlanta Pig Cor to Mary Anne's party when not invited in Logan Likes Mary Anne!. Stacey McGill hung up on him when he called.

He wins the class clown award in Kristy and the Missing Child.

He thinks Mary Anne looks great in Mary Anne's Makeover and compliments her.

In Jessi's Gold Medal, he participates in the backward running race. He's seen tripping over his feet and causing Woody Jefferson to trip over him.

In Kristy for President, he's seen helping Alan Gray with his campaign.

He's shown goofing off with his friends in Mary Anne and the Zoo Mystery.

In Dawn and the Big Sleepover, he's mentioned to be friends with Alan Gray.

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