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This page is about the graphic novel. For the original novel see Karen's Haircut.

Karen's Haircut is the seventh graphic novel in the Baby-Sitters Little Sister series, illustrated by Katy Farina. It is based on the original book Karen's Haircut and part of the Baby-Sitters Little Sister (Graphic Novels) collection. It was released on July 4, 2023.[1]

The Free Comic Book Day 2023 Preview Edition was released as a Silver Title on May 6, 2023.[2]

Back Cover Description[]

Karen feels like an ugly duckling. She already has to wear glasses, and now her baby teeth are falling out, too. Fortunately, she knows exactly what will make her look glamorous — a new haircut. But the beauty parlor lady cuts Karen's hair all wrong! Karen is devastated and worried about what the kids at school will say. Can Karen get back to feeling like her usual confident self?


Differences From Source Material[]

  • There’s a desk in Karen’s classroom with Pamela’s name. In the original series, Pamela didn’t join Karen’s class until book 9.
  • Stacey gave Karen the gold nail polish. In the original novel, Karen says a friend of Kristy’s gave it to her, but the friend isn’t named.


  • Karen's barrettes start on the right side of her hair, then they're on the right, then the left.


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