Karen's Kittycat Club is the fourth graphic novel in the Baby-Sitters Little Sister series, illustrated by Katy Farina. It is based on the original book Karen's Kittycat Club and part of the Baby-Sitters Little Sister (Graphic Novels) collection.[1]


Karen's best friend Hannie just got an adorable new kitten. Their neighbor Amanda has a cat, too, Priscilla, and Karen has grumpy old Boo-Boo. Now that they all have cats, Karen comes up with a great idea. She wants to start a Kittycat Club!

What will the club do? Karen can't baby-sit like her big sister Kristy...but she can cat-sit! Will anyone want to hire Karen and her friends?




  • The book was originally announced on Ann M. Martin's Facebook page on September 14th, however the post is now taken down or private.
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