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Karl Tate is one of the wealthiest men in Stoneybrook, CT. He is seen in Dawn and the Disappearing Dogs and mentioned in Baby-sitters Beware.


According to Kristy Thomas, Karl owns property all over town and is an important businessman. He is described as tall and broad with lots of thick blond hair.

He was caught dognapping from people across Stoneybrook, New Hope, Lawrenceville, and other nearby towns.  Karl was taking them from yards and public places such as parks. He had made sure nobody could see him do it.

The reason why he stole the dogs was because he was losing a bundle in the real estate market. So, he came up with a bunch of schemes to make money and shop them around. The pet store people were the first to join in and stole dogs to order. They found out there was big money in it. Lots of times they didn’t even bother to open the store.

Karl and the pet store owners were arrested. Later, he's released from prison for good behavior in Baby-sitters Beware.

In Baby-sitters Beware, Abby Stevenson threw ice at his face, knocking him back. Special unit detective, Kris Renn, cornered him at Shadow Lake. He violated the terms of his parole by leaving Connecticut among other things. It was later revealed that he was trying to stop his son Woodie from hurting the BSC.


  • His house is sort of in Kristy’s neighborhood according to Jessi Ramsey on page 100 in Dawn and the Disappearing Dogs. It has pillars across the front porch and a huge fountain in the front yard.
  • He is married, Jessi and Mallory see Mrs. Tate driving a red Mercedes.
  • Cheryl and Shannon were both stolen and returned by the end of the book. Some dogs were even kept in his house, like Shannon.