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Kelsey Middle School is one of two known middle schools in Stoneybrook. The school includes sixth grade, seventh grade, and eighth grade.


This is the school Kristy should have attended once her family moved in with Watson. Watson and Elizabeth Thomas-Brewer pay a fee to keep Kristy at Stoneybrook Middle School instead of going here as mentioned in Kristy's Big Day.

In Kristy and the Dirty Diapers, the school is not big enough to have an orchestra, which is why Anna and Abby go to SMS instead. In Stacey the Math Whiz the school has their own mathletes team. They lost to Stoneybrook Day School the previous year.


  • Al Hall (#89)
  • Amanda Kerner (#89)
  • Jacqueline Vecchio (#89)
  • Karl Schmauder (#89)
  • Connie (#110)
  • Sandy (special ed) (#110)


  • It is not known if this private or public. It is likely that the students from Stoneybrook Academy might attend when they start their seventh or sixth grade year.