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Kendallwood Farm is a horseback riding school located in Stoneybrook, CT. Mallory Pike goes here in Mallory and the Dream Horse.


They teach English riding style on the outskirts of Stoneybrook. It's an easy bike ride from the Pike Family house.

Lauren Kendall is the riding instructor who gives beginning equitation classes to Mallory Pike. Mallory rides Pax at the end of her lessons in the horse show and wins sixth place. Lessons are at 10 a.m. on Saturday mornings. It's mentioned to be expensive but Mallory pays for half her lessons.

Mallory learns about the lessons from fliers they mailed out.


  • Isabelle, a chestnut mare
  • Pax, an Arabian nearly all white with a dappling of gray.
  • Gremlin, old and bucks Mallory
  • Samson, gentle gelding
  • Twilight
  • Duke
  • Peaches