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Scholastic and Kenner collaborated to create a line of seven 18" Baby-sitters Club Dolls in 1993. Each doll was uniquely designed and dressed and came with its own special edition mini book, with the doll's outfit corresponding to the story in the mini book. One doll and one mini book was made for each baby-sitter (a total of seven dolls). In 1998, 4 small-size dolls were made, with more planned initially, but were cancelled.

1993 dolls[]

Dolls on cardboard backing[]

Dolls in box[]

Doll Outfits and Accessories[]

  • Kristy - white Krushers shirt, blue jean jacket, whistle, black shorts, red socks, white shoes
  • Mary Anne - red sweater leotard, necklace with ring, tartan skirt, thigh-high black socks, brown shoes
  • Claudia - white lace shirt, overalls, 3-ring earrings, pink tights, purple boots
  • Stacey - flower shirt, pink skirt, light pink tights, pink boots, heart necklace, simple loop earrings
  • Dawn - jean jacket with 3 jewels, pink-and-white striped shirt, pink skirt (lightly attached to the shirt), white tights, blue shoes, simple gold loop earrings
  • Mallory - yellow sweatshirt, black-and-white checkered skirt, glasses, small stud earrings, pink socks, black shoes
  • Jessi - 2 hair beads, ballet shoe earrings, pink sweater with striped collar (no shirt), white tights, pink shoes

Character Bios[]

  • Kristy - I'm Kristy. Even though I'm the shortest girl in my class, I have really big ideas! I founded the club and serve as its president. I just love all kinds of sports and I enjoy coaching a softball team for little kids.
  • Mary Anne - My name's Mary Anne and I'm the secretary of the BSC. I have always wanted a sister, and now that my dad has married Dawn's mom, I have one! Logan my boyfriend, Tigger my cat and movie stars are just a few of the things I really like.
  • Claudia - I'm Claudia the BSC's Vice-President. We hold our club meetings in my room because I have my own phone line and a stash of junk food! I'm not a great student, but art class is terrific. I love to read mysteries and to dress in wild clothes.
  • Stacey - Hi! I'm Stacey. My first love is math and that has come in handy with my duties as the club treasurer. One of my favorite hobbies is shopping, especially in New York City where I'm from and where my dad lives now. I keep posters on my wall to remind me of Manhattan.
  • Dawn - Hello, I'm Dawn, and I'm the club's alternate officer. I'm originally from California, but I think Stoneybrook, Connecticut is pretty neat! I think ghost stories are really cool, too. Mary Anne is my best friend, as well as my stepsister!
  • Mallory - Hi, I'm Mallory -- but my friends call me Mal! I'm a junior officer of the club, and I can't wait until I grow up and become a famous author of children's books. Do you believe that I have seven younger brothers and sisters?
  • Jessi - Hello, my name's Jessi. Someday I'll be a famous ballet dancer. But for now, I practice at ballet school, where I am in the advanced class! I'm a junior officer of the club, since I'm only 11. I absolutely love horses and performing onstage.

Mini book covers[]

All the covers used the image from New York, New York!.

Box Back, Side, Top, Bottom[]

Proof of Purchase on back of box[]

SKU/Product Catalog Numbers[]

Doll SKU #
Assortment #1 (Dawn, Mary Anne, Mallory) 65100
Dawn 65101
Mary Anne 65102
Mallory 65103
Assortment #2 (Stacey, Claudia, Kristy) 65110
Stacey 65111
Claudia 65112
Kristy 65113
Jessi 65115
Abby or Dawn (unreleased, 1995) 65130
Kristy or Claudia (unreleased, 1995) 65140


1995 Planned but not Released[]

Abby doll other prototypes from Kenner 1995 girls toy fair catalog

1995 catalog page showing the unreleased dolls

The 1995 Kenner Girls Toy Fair Catalog showed several dolls that were planned but not released. These included an Abby doll (wearing the same outfit she wears on the cover of #90 Welcome to the BSC, Abby!), Dawn wearing jeans and sunglasses, Kristy wearing a purple shirt and pink shorts, and Claudia wearing a hippie-style outfit that was used later for one of the four much smaller Kenner dolls released in 1998. Since the 18" Kenner dolls were originally released in 1993 and stopped being produced in 1995, presumably these newer dolls were cancelled due to insufficient sales.

Abby unreleased 18 inch doll from Kenner 1995 Toy Fair catalog

Abby's unreleased doll


1998 dolls[]

Four barbie-size dolls were released: Kristy, Claudia, Stacey, and Mallory.