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Kid Kits are an item in The Baby Sitters Club books by Ann M. Martin. They are medium-sized cardboard cartons that the members of the Baby-sitters Club have taken with them sometimes on baby-sitting jobs. They first appeared in Book #3 The Truth About Stacey.


Kristy said that Kid Kits would be good for business because when the kids are happy with the Kid Kits, the parents are happy because the kids are happy, and when the parents come home to happy kids, they'll call the Baby-Sitters Club again!

Kid kits are not brought to every job, because they want them to be a treat for the kids. The BSC members usually save the Kid Kits for rainy days when kids won't be able to play outside and will likely be bored. Often on the first job for a new client, the BSC member brings the Kid Kit.

They get new items every month and the BSC uses some money from the club treasury to pay for the items that get used up. Each member of the Baby-Sitters Club has a Kid Kit. The Kid Kits are decorated with Claudia Kishi's art supplies : glitter glue, red felt, markers, and other things. Claudia's Kid Kit is decorated differently each month.


The Kid Kits were thought up by Kristy Thomas. She and the rest of the BSC recalled how, when they were little, they preferred playing with their friends' toys rather than their own because it'd be new to them. Mary Anne Spier loved going to Kristy's house because they had great board games.


They are cartons filled with the Baby-Sitters Club members' old books, toys, stickers, art materials, and games from their childhood and also, new stuff like blowing bubbles kits, coloring books, crayons, and other things that get used up and have to be replaced from time to time so the kids won't get bored.

Member Contents/Notes
Kristy Old rag doll, dinosaur figurines, puzzle books, old yo-yo
Claudia Decorated with acrylic paints, blocks, baby puzzles and objects, a variety of books, art supplies
Stacey The Dancing Cats of Applesap
Mary Anne coloring books, books (Frecklejuice in Jessi and the Troublemaker)
Dawn Jeff's old whiffle ball, make-up crayons, Kids can cook naturally
Mallory books, games, her old toys, crayons, coloring books
Jessi office supplies, Bea and Mr. Jones, butterfly puzzle (in Jessi and the Troublemaker)
Abby made out of a shoebox
Shannon (in Kristy and the Dirty Diapers) coloring book, water color pencils, Monopoly Junior, mini-frisbee, books