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The Kilbourne Family is BSC Associate member Shannon Kilbourne's family. They live on McLelland Road in Stoneybrook, CT.


The family lives across the street from Kristy Thomas on McLelland Road, next door to the Papadakis Family. The three daughters go to Stoneybrook Day School. There is a family reunion held in Mary Anne and the Secret in the Attic and the family had t-shirts. In Shannon’s Story Mrs. Bryar is the housekeeper.

Shannon notes that things aren't great around the house in Shannon’s Story. The last few holidays have been tense and pretty perfunctory. They'd have cake on birthdays and then disappear. Sometimes Mr. Kilbourne would arrive so late that her might as well have not shown up at all.

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The TV room is a large, wood-paneled room just past the kitchen, with a large Haitian-cotton couching facing a huge TV set. Next to the TV is a cabinet with glass shelves above and drawers below; the top two shelves have Shannon's awards and the third has Maria's.

Maria's room has pink wallpaper with a heart pattern, stuffed animals propped up all over the place, and framed swim team photos over her desk.

Tiffany's room, a pigsty, is across the hall from Shannon's.

There's a sun porch mentioned in Karen's Two Families.


  • In Shannon’s Story, the girls play a gross food game on the bus sometimes.
  • They take an annual first day of school photograph in Shannon’s Story and in The Baby-sitters Remember.
  • They get one percent milk for the parents and whole milk for the kids in Shannon’s Story. Groceries and fifty pound bag of dog food that gets delivered.
  • Mrs. Kilbournes grandmother used to garden.