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The Polish translation of The Baby-Sitters Club, titled "Klub Baby-Sitters", was published by Akapit in 1993.  As of this writing, only the first three original series books were translated.  Translations for the fourth and fifth books were announced, but never released.

The books were re-translated and published by Mamania starting in 2020.

The television series also aired on the TV station Polsat in 1994.

List of 90's Translations[]

List of 2020's Translations[]

The first book in the new translation lists 18 titles in the back for readers to check off; not all have been published yet.

  • Świetny pomysł Kristy
  • Claudia i tajemnicze telefony
  • Tajemnica Stacey
  • Mary Anne na ratunek!
  • Dawn i nieznośne dzieciaki
  • Wielki dzień Kristy
  • Wredna siostra Claudii
  • Zakochana Stacey
  • Dawn i nawiedzony dom
  • Logan lubi Mary Anne!
  • Przepowadzka Kristy
  • Claudia i nowa dziewczyna w klasie
  • Żegnaj, Stacey!
  • Witaj, Mallory!
  • Dawn i konkurs piękności
  • Tajni język Jessi
  • Pechowa Mary Anne
  • Pomyłka Stacey

Differences between the US and Polish books[]

Most of the US character names, locations, and cultural references are the same in the Polish translation. One major exception is that in the 90's translations, Boo-Boo is renamed Fu-fu.