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The Korman Family is a client of the Baby-sitters Club that lives in Stoneybrook, CT.


They live diagonally across the street from Kristy Thomas on McLelland Road. One of their neighbors is Mr. Sinclair. The house is the biggest one on the street according to Abby in Claudia's Big Party.

They moved into the Delaney's old house. Bill and Melody go to Stoneybrook Day School. They always have hot dogs when baby-sat, except for once when they had pizza when Kristy sits for them. Bill and Melody have a tough time adjusting to the huge mansion in Mary Anne Misses Logan.

In Claudia's Big Party, Bill and Melody are having a hard time getting along and get into fights. Mary Anne Spier got them to get along pretending that she had lost the key. They ended up getting along by the end of the book.

Bill and Melody sing 'A Whole New World' for the Pikes' talent show in Stacey vs. the BSC.

They run a fortune telling booth for the carnival in Welcome to the BSC, Abby with Druscilla Porter helping them out.

It's noted in Mary Anne Misses Logan that the family originally didn't live far, they moved just enough for the kids to switch schools.

Family Members[]


In Karen's Gift the family has a beagle puppy named Maggie, this is the only appearance of a puppy.

Despite Skylar's fear of cats, Melody mentions that they had a cat that died a year before. They also adopted one of the kittens in Karen's Kittens.


  • The family is Jewish.
  • Kristy sat for them more then the rest of the members have.
  • They have a Yahtzee game.
  • Mr. and Mrs. Korman like tennis.
  • They get olives on their pizza in Dawn Saves the Planet.
  • All of the kids participate in the BSC's world records book in Kristy + Bart = ?.