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This article is about the episode. For the graphic novel, see Kristy's Big Day (Graphic Novel). For the original novel see Kristy's Big Day.

"Kristy's Big Day" is the eighth episode of season 1 and the eighth episode overall of the Netflix reboot. It was released on July 3, 2020 on the streaming network, Netflix, along with the rest of season 1. It is based on the sixth book, "Kristy's Big Day", of the original series,The Baby-Sitters Club.

Episode Description[]

Stoneybrook delights in a day of glitz and glamour as Kristy's mom prepares for a big day. Later, Kristy hits a major milestone, much to her surprise.


Kristy pretends to be the wedding officiant for her stepsister-to-be Karen Brewer and her brother David Michael Thomas. Karen says it's weird David Michel has three first names but she accepts him as her pretend husband. Kristy's mother, Liz, interrupts them telling Kristy to take the kids to play outside.

Kristy questions why the wedding can't be held outdoors and Liz tells her marrying in that room is a tradition for the Brewers that has lasted several generations and she does not want to be the one to break that tradition.

Kristy and Liz head outside, as Kristy's older brother Charlie is home with a new car. They think he is buying a new Toyota but it winds up being a flashy new BMW Watson bought him. Liz tells Watson she wishes they had discussed it first but Watson manages to convince Liz to let Charlie keep the car and they all go riding in it together. Kristy then says her family is moving up in the world due to their new-found wealth.

At the BSC meeting, Kristy tells the other girls about the new car and they all get excited. Kristy tells them she thinks it's a little too flashy but at least now Charlie has to drive her to club meetings and baby-sitting jobs which was her mother's condition for letting Charlie keep the car. Dawn tells Kristy the environment thanks her for carpooling.

Kristy complains that she thinks everything for the wedding is too fancy and Mary Anne tells her to let her mother feel like a princess for a day. The girls change the topic to how they are all excited to go to Camp Moosehead that summer and Claudia says she is sad that she is not able to join her friends. Claudia is supposed to be going to art camp with Trevor Sandbourne at Yale. They discuss their packing lists. The mention of feminine products comes up which makes Kristy uncomfortable. She says that she should go as Watson is taking her to pick up her bridesmaids dress. She describes it to the other girls saying it is long, yellow, and rustley.

At the department store, Kristy exclaims that the dress makes her look like a banana. The sales associate tells her that the fit looks great on her, however, if she doesn't like it there are other options. Watson also reassures her if she doesn't like it, she can get a new dress. The associate tells Kristy and Watson about a blue dress by Carolina Herrera "that is to die for." Kristy once again says that the Thomases were moving up in the world.

At Kristy's house her room is seen filled with moving boxes. She is looking at some pictures on her wall when David Michael walks in. He tells her that he can't find his pajamas and that everything is gone. He sadly says he can't believe they are never going to live in their house again. Kristy tells him to check his bottom drawer and she will be there in a minute to tuck him in.

Just then, Mary Anne uses their old flashlight code to get Kristy's attention. Kristy opens her window and tells Mary Anne to open her windows. Both girls express sadness that they will not be living next door to each other anymore. Mary Anne says it's good that they both have real phones now, and for Kristy to get better at checking her texts which she smiles at.

Kristy wakes up the next morning and hears Charlie calling to her that they are late. At the Brewers, her mother is already in the process of getting her hair and makeup done for the wedding. Kristy almost tells her mother about the dress change but hesitates and decides not to.

At Dawn's house her mother Sharon struggles with what to wear to the wedding (she rejects one dress because she last wore it the night she and her ex-husband decided to divorce, while the other is too revealing). At Mary Anne's house a similar struggle is happening with Richard trying to decide between two white shirts that look identical. Sharon says that her prom dress doesn't fit and realizes she forgot to feed the turtle. Dawn mutters that they will be late. Richard makes Mary Anne smell his shirt sleeve to see if it smells like meat.

Kristy finally has on her dress and Karen tells her that she looks like Cinderella. Liz stops by to check on Kristy and asks to see the dress. She tells Kristy that the dress looks lovely, but questions what happened to the original yellow one. Karen explains to Liz that it looked like a banana and Kristy says Watson allowed her to get a different dress. Liz inquires on whether Kristy got a refund for the yellow dress and Kristy explains that dress had already been altered, and therefore could not be refunded.

Liz questions how much the blue dress costs and Karen tells her it was eight hundred dollars, as she saw the price tag. Liz tells her that is outrageous and she and Watson should have called and asked first. She then questions since when Kristy cares about things such as dresses. Kristy tells her it's because she didn't want to go out in front of a bunch of people in a dress she hates. Kristy points out that Charlie got a new car, her mother is having an expensive wedding, and she got one dress that looks halfway decent on her and her mother is treating her like a spoiled brat. Liz tells her she never said that. Kristy tells her mother she didn't want for her to get married in the first place and then suggests that maybe she doesn't belong in her mother's fancy new life.

The stylist walks in and tells Liz it's time to put on her gown. Karen shakes her head and the stylist takes the hint and walks off. Liz gives Kristy a look of hurt and leaves the room. Kristy realizes that she had gone to far, but there was some anger inside her that wouldn't let her stop and now it was too late.

Downstairs, everyone is seen taking their seats at the wedding. Richard expresses concern that the Schafers are late to the wedding and Mary Anne tries to reassure him Dawn and Sharon are always late. He mutters that the turtle was too much and tells Mary Anne he is going to get a drink.

Mary Anne sees Mimi, Claudia, and Stacey and greets them. Richard comes back and gulps his wine and then says he doesn't know what to do with the glass. Mary Anne takes it from him and sets it down.

Watson comes to the front of the room and the wedding ceremony finally starts. Sam and Charlie walk down the isle. After them Andrew and David Michael walk down as the ring bearers. Finally, Kristy walks down holding her bouquet of flowers. Karen dramatically throws flowers as the flower girl. They all join Watson at the front of the room. Just then, the Schafers walk in late and greet everyone and apologize for being late. Richard looks at Mary Anne and says she knew she'd make it.

The guests all stand up for Liz who walks down the isle. Kristy says that while her mother looks happy and beautiful, she is not looking at Kristy. Liz stands in front of Watson and smiles. The wedding officiant ends up being Esme Porter which causes Karen to scream as she believes Esme is a witch. Esme confirms Karen's fear by saying she is a spiritual practitioner. With that explanation out of the way, Esme continues to officiate the wedding. Kristy starts crying as she realizes her mother is finally happy after feeling lonely for so long.

At the wedding reception, Kristy searches for her mother. The other BSC members approach her and compliment her dress. They ask her how she's feeling and she tells them she is fine.

Esme announces the newly married couple and Liz and Watson come out and begin to slow dance. They kiss and Claudia says they are really in love. Kristy confirms that they are. Claudia nudges Stacey and says that she wishes Trevor was there and Stacey says she misses Toby. Just then, Sam asks Stacey for a dance and Kristy asks her what about Toby. Stacey replies that she shouldn't be such a baby.

Throughout the night Kristy tries to get the attention of her mother in order to apologize and say she was happy for her, however, it never seemed to be the right time. Kristy sits with her friends who try to reassure her that her mother will speak to her eventually. Sharon and Richard come up to the girls' table and Sharon accidentally takes a bite of a dessert that has tree nuts which she is allergic to. She and Richard leave to get an EpiPen from her car. Dawn says that she feels like her watch on her mother has ended and Kristy believes she feels the same way about her own mother.

Kristy gets a shocked look on her face when she realizes that her period has started and she heads to the bathroom. The other girls follow her sensing something is wrong. They knock on the door to the bathroom and Kristy says it's her big day too. The other girls figure she means that she got her period and Mary Anne hands her a pad and tells her how to use it.

Kristy comes out and the other girls all tell her they are here for her as they have all been through getting their periods.

The episode ends with Kristy heads outside realizing that her mother is leaving. The limo starts driving away but stops and Liz gets down. She tells Kristy that she is a strong woman and Kristy in return tells her she is glad that she found Watson. She tells her mother about getting her period and the other girls tell her that they already took care of Kristy. The mother and daughter hug and Liz gets back in the limo and drives off with Watson.

Claudia reveals that she is coming with them to Camp Moosehead. Kristy says she didn't just start the Baby-Sitters Club to take care of kids, it was also to take care of herself. The girls head back inside and dance to the music.


Similar to Source Material[]

  • Kristy's dress is described as beautiful, but here, it's by Liz Thomas, and in the books, it's Mary Anne.
  • Karen does scream upon the sight of Esme Porter during the wedding, but in a different location.

Difference from Source Material[]

  • Kristy's dress isn't yellow.
  • There's no baby-sitting.
  • In the book, Kristy and Karen didn't buy their dresses, Nannie had made them herself.
  • In the book, Kristy doesn’t have her period, but in the episode she gets it for the first time.
  • Andrew is not in the wedding in the book due to extreme shyness.

Pop Culture References[]

  • Kristy mentions Curious George while complaining about her banana-like dress.
  • Dawn makes a reference to Game of Thrones by paraphrasing the Nights Watch expression "My watch has ended."

Songs Used[]

  • "At Last" by Etta James
  • "Boom Clap" by Charli XCX


  • Like the previous two episodes this episode is for some unknown reason out of order from the original book series as it is the sixth book in the series but for some reason it is the eighth episode.