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Note: This article is about the episode. For the graphic novel, see Kristy's Great Idea (Graphic Novel). For the original novel, see Kristy's Great Idea.

"Kristy's Great Idea" is the first episode of season 1 and the first episode overall of the reboot. It is based on the first book, Kristy's Great Idea, of the original series, The Baby-Sitters Club. It was released July 3rd, 2020 on the streaming network, Netflix, along with the rest of season 1.

Episode Description[]

A creative concept comes to life as Kristy starts a club with her best friends—and a new classmate. But is she ready to be a team leader?


Kristy Thomas is walking home from school and talking to her best friend, Mary Anne Spier. She details to Mary Anne that she stood up to her teacher, Mr. Redmont, about how Thomas Jefferson should've said "all people were created equal." However, because she raised her voice and not her hand, she has to write an essay on decorum. Kristy points out a double standard in class that the boys were sticking tissue down their pants but Kristy was the one who got in trouble. Mary Anne says she hopes Kristy isn't in too much trouble, since she doesn't want anything to mess up their sleepover the following night.

Mary Anne's mother died when she was a baby, which has made her father very overprotective of her. Kristy's father, meanwhile, left the family after her younger brother, David Michael, was born, and she hasn't seen him in years. When Kristy arrives home, she waves to Claudia, who lives next door to her. Claudia used to hang out a lot with Kristy and Mary Anne, but their friendship idled off after Claudia got into boys and clothes.

When Kristy gets home, she finds David Michael hiding in the bushes, waiting for her to come home. Kristy asks why he didn't go to the Kishis so Claudia's grandmother, Mimi, would've let him in. Embarrassed, David Michael reveals that he wet his pants on the bus. Kristy brings him inside to get him changed and offers to make him a quesadilla. Later that afternoon, Sam and Charlie are playing a video game in the living room while Kristy and David Michael are working on a puzzle together. Their mother, Elizabeth, comes home with pizza, which makes Kristy suspicious.

Elizabeth says she has a favor to ask all of them. Elizabeth then asks them if they can babysit for David Michael the next night, while she entertains potential clients that are coming into town. Charlie has a date with his girlfriend, Sam has plans to go to a concert with his friends, and Kristy has her sleepover with Mary Anne. Kristy is willing to change her plans, but Elizabeth tells her not to. Instead, she calls a bunch of people, but a lot of them don't even pick up. She checks her subscription to a babysitting website but discovers that it has expired and that renewing it will cost eighty dollars.

When Elizabeth gets a call back from a sitter she left a message for, she's dismayed when she learns how much this sitter charges. Ultimately, she asks Kristy if Mary Anne could sleepover here instead of at her house, but Kristy says that Mary Anne's dad wouldn't let her if he knew Elizabeth wouldn't be home until late. Frustrated, Elizabeth talks about how easy it was for her mother to book a babysitter when she was little. Parents would call sitters on landlines and they would always pick up. That is when Kristy has her great idea.

At her sleepover with Mary Anne, Kristy tells her all about her idea to start the Baby-Sitters Club. At first, Mary Anne is unsure, but after Kristy explains her whole plan, Mary Anne gets on board. Kristy also decides to recruit Claudia. In class, Kristy passes a note to her, which almost gets them caught by Mr. Redmont, but after some quick thinking, they get away with it. Claudia doodles "OK" on her sneaker as a reply to Kristy, and winks at her before turning her attention back to class.

After school, Kristy and Mary Anne head to Claudia's to get the club going. They're greeted at the door by Mimi, who mentions that the girls are upstairs. Kristy is surprised to learn that Claudia recruited someone else to be in the club, her friend Stacey. Stacey mentions she just moved to Stoneybrook from New York City, leaving Mary Anne in awe. Claudia passes out candy to the girls, but Stacey doesn't take any.

Kristy explains her idea for the club, and how instead of using their cell phones, they would use an "olden times" phone. Claudia says she has a landline in her room since it came with the high-speed Internet package her sister Janine needed. Stacey is immediately on board and says she can help with targeted social media ads and ratios of click-throughs to investment, adding that she's pretty good at math. Mary Anne and Claudia are impressed, but Kristy is still reluctant to let Stacey join.

Kristy's reluctance comes from the fact that she doesn't know Stacey well, or if she's even babysat before. Stacey assures Kristy that she's babysat for kids in her building on the weekends. Kristy eventually agrees to let Stacey join. Kristy also asks Claudia to design a logo for the club. After the meeting ends, Kristy is a little suspicious of Stacey, noticing that she didn't eat any candy Claudia offered her. Mary Anne tells her that Stacey's nice and that making a new friend isn't a bad thing.

The night after the first meeting, Elizabeth's rich boyfriend, Watson Brewer, comes over with dinner. Elizabeth mentions the BSC to Watson, which leads Kristy to tell him all about it. He thinks the idea is genius and loves it, which does make Kristy kind of happy. Elizabeth announces that Watson asked her to marry him. She didn't give an answer yet, saying she wanted to talk to the kids about it first.

Kristy says she's not okay with it, and this turns into a fight with her mother. Kristy yells that her mom has always told her to be independent and to make it on her own, but now Kristy has to kiss Watson's butt and she's not okay with it, which gets her sent to her room. Later that night, Kristy tries writing an apology e-mail to her mom, but gets an e-mail from Claudia, showing her the logo she designed for the club.

The next day, Kristy names the club officers, making herself president because the club was her idea. She names Claudia the vice-president since they're meeting in her room. Mary Anne speaks up and says she wants to be secretary, saying she's good at record-keeping and she'll start a Google doc so they can record the details of their jobs. Stacey is made treasurer.

Stacey's initial plan to get clients to call is to curate a community of followers through their existing social media accounts. Given that the girls are twelve, they're not all on social media yet. Janine pops in and offers a different plan: have Claudia design a flier they can pass out to people around Stoneybrook. Kristy hands out fliers to everyone in her family, and Watson.

After the girls distribute all their fliers, they have their next meeting. They spend most of it staring at the landline phone in Claudia's room and eating candy. Finally, at 5:23, the phone rings. Kristy excitedly answers it, but deflates when she realizes the call is from Watson. He says he needs someone to watch his two kids, Karen and Andrew, on Saturday while he's at work. Kristy is less-than-enthusiastic, reminding Watson that he only gets his kids on weekends anyway.

She thinks Watson's just trying to abandon his kids on the only days he gets to see them. Claudia quickly takes the phone from Kristy to prevent her from alienating their only client. Claudia can't take the job because of her art class, and Stacey says she'll be in New York with her parents. This leaves Kristy and Mary Anne free, so Claudia asks Mary Anne if she wants the job. Kristy tells her no, but Claudia tells Kristy to stop bossing her around. Mary Anne wants the job, so Claudia confirms with Watson that Mary Anne will be his sitter on Saturday.

The next day, while she's out walking her dog Louie, Kristy decides to spy on Mary Anne when she sits for Karen and Andrew. Kristy sees Karen mention a witch who lives next door named Morbidda Destiny. Kristy gets caught by the aforementioned neighbor and Mary Anne sees her. Louie runs off, and when Kristy tries to find him, she sees Stacey and realizes that she's not in New York. When Kristy arrives home, she finds Louie on the front steps with her mom. They have a conversation that night, where Elizabeth tells Kristy that she can't control everything and everyone around her, no matter how hard she tries. She says if Kristy wants Stacey to trust her, Kristy should give her a reason to trust her first. Kristy says she felt humiliated when she got caught spying at Watson's, saying that her presidency of the club has already failed. Elizabeth tells her to just keep showing up and trying better the next time.

At the next BSC meeting, Kristy brings pizza for them, and a salad for Stacey. She apologizes to her friends and admits she was wrong for being so controlling. Kristy offers to resign as president if they want her to, but they all say she's still president. The phone starts ringing with new clients recommended by Watson. Kristy texts her mom, "Tell Watson thank you." Her mother texts back, "Tell him yourself."

Kristy finally writes her essay on decorum, ending it with a firm, "All in order to create a more perfect union, where all people are created equal."

Cast in this episode[]

Similar to Source Material[]

  • On the IMDb page, Mr. Redmont is listed to appear in episode 1. This is the teacher introduced in the first book.
  • Kristy has to write an essay on decorum although the reasons are different (see below).

Difference from Source Material[]

  • In the book, Kristy was given the assignment to do an essay on decorum because she shouted out-loud when the bell rings for the end of the day because she was happy to get out of the school as it was a very hot day and the school had no air conditioning. In the episode, she was given the assignment for not raising her hand, interrupting Mr. Redmont and correcting how Thomas Jefferson said "all men are created equal" and not "all people were created equal."
  • In the book, Kristy had finished her essay on decorum the day she was assigned it, not a few days later like in the episode.
  • Kristy had to baby-sit for the Newtons which is why she couldn't baby-sit for David Michael, not because she had a sleepover planned with Mary Anne (there was no sleepover planned in the books as Mary Anne had to sit for the Pikes). David Michael ended up going with Kristy to the Newtons.
  • The meetings were from 5:30pm-6pm in the books while they are 5pm-5:30pm in the series.
  • Characters from The Truth About Stacey such as the Baby-sitters Agency, are introduced in this episode when they originally weren't.
  • In the books, Morbidda Destiny's name is Tabitha Porter but in the web series, her name is Esme Porter.
  • Kristy never walked to Watson's house and lost Louie. His house isn't even within walking distance.
  • Mary Anne is the one that saw Stacey still in Stoneybrook, when she lied, not Kristy.
  • Kristy is the first to answer the phone at the first meeting, when it was Claudia in the books.
  • Kristy never passed Claudia a note in school about the club.
  • Mrs. Papadakis is not mentioned this early in the series.
  • Mr. Redmont usually doesn't like to single out students in his class but he yelled at both Claudia and Kristy in the episode.
  • There is no dog sitting.
  • The flashlight code between Kristy and Mary Anne is introduced in the next episode instead of this episode where as the first book in the series it is introduced in chapter one.
  • At the end of the book Stacey tells the girls about her having diabetes, however this isn't revealed to them until the third episode.
  • Kristy baby-sits for Karen and Andrew in the first book but this is however moved to the next episode instead and under different circumstances (see the Difference from Source Material section of the next episode).

Pop Culture References[]

  • Kristy's older brothers were playing the Xbox One video game Killer Instinct.
  • Claudia speculates that the babysitting website Kristy's mom joined would sell her personal information to the Russians.
  • Kristy asks Stacey if rich New York City kids just have Polish nannies until they graduate college and Stacey tells Kristy she's confusing real life with Gossip Girl.
  • After the conversation between Kristy and Elizabeth, Kristy says in her voiceover, "My mom might have weird taste in men, but when it came to life, I guess she wasn't totally clueless." This is a reference to the actress who plays Elizabeth, Alicia Silverstone, who starred in the 1995 teen comedy film Clueless.
  • Mary Anne mentions Postmates pizza and ice cream for her sleepover with Kristy.
  • A scene is shown in which Kristy is writing a Gmail and sees Claudia's logo design.
  • Mary Anne mentions Google Docs while standing up to the others to tell them she wants to be secretary.
  • Stacey tells them to give her their Instagram handles in order to cross-reference their followers.
  • Kristy types out her essay on decorum using Microsoft Word.

Songs Used[]

  • "Mr. Quiche" by Wildcat! Wildcat!
  • "Juice" by Lizzo
  • "I Wanna" by Potty Mouth


  • There are two actors for Andrew Brewer, Sebastian Billingsley-Rodriguez for episodes 1, 2, and 8, and Cody Kolson for 2, 9, and 10.
  • One of the people who takes a flier from Kristy is Lacy Lewis, who would later reappear in The Truth About Stacey as the founder of the Baby-Sitters Agency.
  • Mrs. Marshall is given the first name Amy in the episode.