Kristy's Krushers is a team for kids, created by Kristy, who are too young or too scared for Little League. The team often plays against Bart's Bashers, coached by Kristy's on-again/off again boyfriend Bart Taylor.


The Krushers often lose against the Bashers but learn a lot about team spirit and sportsmanship. Karen Brewer wants the team name to be ‘crushers' but she is voted down in #20. Jackie Rodowsky is the player that named the team.

In Stacey the Math Whiz the Krushers had indoor pre-season practices at Stoneybrook Elementary School.

Abby Stevenson is the assistant coach. Nancy Dawes temporarily helped with the equipment on the side in Karen's Lemonade Stand.

Uniform Edit

Their uniform are jeans and a t-shirt with the name Kristy's Krushers in black lettering. Only Kristy's is in red. Karen Brewer has Kristy's Crushers on hers, because it's the correct spelling. Each player has their own batting gloves and hats with a "K" on it.

The cheerleaders wear denim skirts, sneakers, white knee socks, and Krushers Ts.


In Mind Your Own Business, Kristy! Kristy hosted the Krusher Spring Klinic where the kids prepped for the season. Charlie Thomas helped coach along with Abby and minor help of the BSC. They were visited by a former Mets player, Jack Brewster, to give autographs and baseball tips.



Trivia Edit

  • They have permission to practice at Stoneybrook Elementary School on Tuesdays and Saturdays.
  • When Kristy is on the Stoneybrook Middle School softball team, Stacey McGill and Claudia Kishi try to fill in for her and coach.
  • Very briefly, they become Davis Diapers in return for new equipment, which Kristy returns after Mr. Davis proves to be too overbearing.
  • Refreshments are sold to raise money for caps.
  • It is a ritual to give high fives to the other team and to cheer "two-four-six-eight" Who do we appreciate"
  • Watson Brewer will sometimes ump.


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