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Kristy Thomas
Full name

Kristin Amanda Thomas


Kristy's Great Idea


Graduation Day






August 20th


Stoneybrook, CT


12 (#1-9)
13 (#10 onward)


Brewer/Thomas Family
Patrick Thomas (estranged father)


Bart Taylor


Stoneybrook Middle School


7th (#1-9) 8th (10 onward)

First Appearance

Kristy's Great Idea

Final Appearance

Graduation Day

Portrayed by

Avriel Hillman (TV)
Schuyler Fisk (Film)
Sophie Grace (Netflix series)

Kristin Amanda "Kristy" Thomas is a main character in The Baby-Sitters Club series of books by Ann M. Martin. Kristy made her first appearance in Kristy's Great Idea. Kristy is the founder and president of the Baby-sitters Club and one of the four original members. She starts the series in seventh grade until Logan Likes Mary Anne! when she and the members her age move to eighth grade at Stoneybrook Middle School; this is where she remains for the rest of the series.

Narrated Books

Kristy narrates the following books in the series:

The Baby-Sitters Club Main Series:

The Baby-Sitters Club: Mysteries Series:

Friends Forever Series: (individual books)

Additional Books

BSC Graphic Novels:

Personal Information

Physical Description

Kristy is short for her age, the shortest girl in the eighth grade at five feet tall. She has big brown eyes and long straight brown hair. Her hair is styled with bangs usually in a ponytail. She has a three-inch scar from an appendix operation in The Baby-Sitters Club Chain Letter. Kristy is left-handed.


Kristy doesn't have pierced ears, like Mary Anne. Prior to Mallory and Jessi joining the club, she was the only member who did not wear a bra. She doesn't like dressing up and wore her very first pair of shoes with heels at her mother's wedding. She owns a few dresses, because she doesn't wear dresses unless its required or makes her look professional.

Kristy has a set style that her friends in the BSC call her "uniform," which consists of jeans, a turtleneck, a sweater over her turtleneck, and sneakers in a variety of colors and patterns. Despite her dislike of getting dressed up, she doesn't mind wearing pink. Kristy also frequently wears a baseball cap emblazoned with a collie dog in honor of Louie Thomas, and at meetings wears a visor and a pencil over her ear.

In Kristy and the Mother's Day Surprise she mentions that she's a little jealous of the way Claudia and Stacey get away with wearing wild and creative high fashions. She said she wouldn't know where to start to dress like them.

Claudia mentions that Kristy will sometimes wear mascara in Claudia and the Sad Good-bye and she knows how to put makeup on.

In Karen's Big Sister, Karen mentions that Kristy has her own jewelry box. In Mallory and the Trouble with Twins, Claudia makes her earrings for non pierced ears.

Personality Traits

Kristy is described as talkative (Kristy's Great Idea), bossy (Hello, Mallory), and an extrovert (Dawn's Wicked Stepsister). It's mentioned she rarely cries in Good-bye Stacey, Good-bye. She is always punctual and can outrun practically anybody in the eighth grade. She is a "dog person." Kristy's version of a hug is a little punch on the arm. Kristy is known for her leadership skills and great ideas, which include The Record Book, The Notebook, and Kid Kits (along with others).

She is a major sports fan and a big Mets fan. She throws her fist into the air and says "Yess!" when she's pleased. She has a sense of humor as big as her ego. Kristy is only opinionated when she knows she's right. Her friends call her the “Idea Machine”. Kristy doesn't like movies too much. With her large family, Kristy has to work to get attention.

Kristy likes to know what's going to happen, as revealed in Kristy's Great Idea when her mother announced her engagement to Watson, and Kristy was bursting with questions and curiosity. She played a lot of mean tricks on Shannon Kilbourne in Kristy and the Snobs, showing that she can have somewhat of a devious side.

In Kristy and the Dirty Diapers, she says that she's competitive. She also admits that sometimes she wishes the BSC weren't so busy.

Stacey mentions that Kristy doesn't make her feel good in Stacey and the Bad Girls.

Abby mentions that Kristy is polite, but not tactful in Welcome to the BSC, Abby.

Claudia mentions that Kristy understand kids better then the rest of the BSC does in Claudia and the Sad Good-bye.

It's mentioned in Mallory and the Mystery Diary that she doesn't believe in the supernatural and that she's good at whining.

When she gets angry, she gets more energy in Kristy's Mystery Admirer.

According to Dawn she makes a big deal out of things in Little Miss Stoneybrook ...and Dawn.

Abby says that Kristy doesn't really hold grudges in Abby the Bad Sport.

Mallory calls her fearless in New York, New York!.

Childhood Experiences and Facts

Kristy, the daughter of Elizabeth Thomas and Patrick Thomas, was born on August 20th in Stoneybrook, Connecticut at 4:00 a.m. Elizabeth mentions that she was in labor for 24 hours in The Truth About Stacey. She lived on Bradford Court since birth, living next to Mary Anne Spier and across the street from Claudia Kishi, until she moved to Watson's house; she currently lives at 1210 McLelland Road, Stoneybrook CT.

Kristy wasn't a fussy baby, a crier nor a mover. Mrs. Frederickson was her first-grade teacher. Mrs. Jeffries was her second-grade teacher. In fifth grade, she got into a lot of trouble for mouthing off to the teacher and pouring a Yoo-Hoo down Alan Gray's shirt, and Alan had a crush on her ever since. Her teacher sent a note home to her mother. She attended Camp Topnotch at age ten.

She mentioned that she cried when her dad first left in Kristy's Big News. In the book, it's mentioned that her dad left when she was six years old, but in Kristy and the Copycat, she mentioned that her dad left her when she was eight years old.

In Mary Anne to the Rescue, it's mentioned that Kristy once has a febrile seizure when she was three.

One of her earliest memories is about her dad tossing her a wiffleball in Kristy at Bat.

It's mentioned in Kristy and the Mother's Day Surprise that she's the one that made her up and Mary Anne Spier's flashlight code, but in other books, Mary Anne made up the idea.

In third grade she beat up a boy who was teasing her on the playground and gave him a black eye. That evening his parents brought him to her house just to yell at her in Kristy's Worst Idea.

When she was ten, Kristy wanted to marry her mom to the mailman so David Michael could have a dad, according to Elizabeth in Kristy and the Mother's Day Surprise.

She entered the science fair a few times when she was elementary school which she mentioned in Jessi's Baby-sitter.

She had fifth grade with Claudia Kishi and Mary Anne Spier. In the same grade she once pranked Alan Gray with a fake lunch. He's developed a crush on her ever since in Claudia and the Phantom Phone Calls.

She had a fear of mummies when she was young, which she mentions in Kristy and the Vampires.

In Kristy Power!, some of her memories that Sam mentions include: peeing on Santa's lap; naming her dolls, Eenie and Beanie; how she'd hold on Sam's fingers really tight; she once cried when she thought the moon would crash in the backyard; and something called the spaghetti episode that is never explained.


In Karen's Book, she tells Karen about the time she broke her ankle. She had been walking Louie while on her bike when she ran into a tree. She spent 6 weeks with a cast on and couldn't swim all summer.

Kristy needed stitches in her hand when she walked into the glass door by mistake in Karen's Telephone Trouble.

In Kristy Power! she stands up and gives a speech to help Ted Morley keep his job. She is also paired to work with Cary Retlin on a biography project. She once read his journal and they got in a fight before making up.

She starts keeping a journal in Everything Changes after the reduction of the club and members.


She has a portable color TV that Watson gave her in Kristy + Bart = ?. She has the walls of her room cover with Olympic posters and posters of gymnasts and football players in Mary Anne Saves the Day. She has a queen-sized bed mentioned in Logan Likes Mary Anne!. In Kristy Power!, it's mentioned that she has her own computer.


  • Sports (#4)
    • Baseball is her favorite (#20)
  • Being a businesswoman (#31)
  • Anchovies on her pizza (#38)
  • Chinese food
    • Chicken with cashews is her favorite (#1)
  • Animals (SS#11)
  • Being in charge (M#25)
  • Her favorite teacher was Mrs. Kushel (LS#41)
  • The Beatles (#112)
  • Blade, a rock band (#107)
  • Getting up early
  • Mixing Wheaties with Rice Krispies cereal (in FF#1)
  • Debate (in FF#9)
  • Dogs
  • Popcorn with no butter and extra salt (in #95)
  • Lorne Conners (singer in #62)
  • Smash (music group in #10)
  • Ghostbusters the movie (#9)
  • Winter (#81)
  • Selling things (#13)


  • Crying (#12)
  • Snobs (#11)
  • Cabbage (#11)
  • Blood (#11)
  • People who chew with their mouths open (#11)
  • Squirrels (#11)
  • Bagpipes (#45 and #117)
  • Smoking (#74)
  • Dressing up
  • Dresses
  • The nickname Crusty (#100)
  • Bikinis (SS#8)
  • Changes (FF Special)
  • Cooking
  • English class (sometimes)
  • Scars
  • Loose teeth, especially bloody ones (#20)
  • Lightning (M#9)
  • Rats (SS#7)
  • Squashing spiders and bugs (#57)
  • Hearing about divorces (#89)


Kristy broke her ankle during the summer when she was eleven in The Summer Before. She went to the hospital with appendicitis in The Baby-Sitters Club Chain Letter. She once came down with a staph infection.

Baby-Sitting and Club Experiences


Kristy can now sit until ten on weekends and nine-thirty on weeknights as of Mary Anne Saves the Day. She saved a lot of money from babysitting in Keep Out, Claudia!. Fire is one thing that she fears the most when baby-sitting in Kristy and the Snobs. She has a talent for making money and likes being a businesswoman in Good-bye Stacey, Good-bye.

BSC Role

Kristy is president and starts the meeting exactly on time. She sits in the director's chair and wears a visor, and a pencil over one ear at meetings starting in Mary Anne's Bad-Luck Mystery. She always asks if there's any new business at the beginning of every meeting starting in Jessi's Wish.


Kristy favorite sitting charges are her own siblings. She likes sitting for the Newton Family because Jamie is fun, Lucy is adorable, and Mrs. Newton is well organized in Kristy for President. Kristy also enjoys sitting for the Papadakis Family because Mrs. Papadakis is very thorough in Kristy and the Worst Kid Ever. She babysits the kids in her neighborhood often because they nearby.


Inspired by her mother's often desperate search for baby sitters for David Michael, Kristy created The Baby-Sitters Club so parents could reach a bunch of reliable sitters simultaneously in Kristy's Great Idea. She also came up with the idea for Kid Kits in ;;The Truth About Stacey. Kristy really cares about The Baby-Sitters Club and works hard. Her mother helps the club make the advertisements. Kristy has helped The Baby-Sitters Club, such as with a problem, on more than one occasion. She will do anything to keep the club from falling apart.

At meetings, Kristy wears a visor and sticks a pencil behind her ear and will often give The Look to anyone who is late. She sits in Claudia's director's chair during meetings. Kristy solves problems, gets ideas for business, calls meetings to order, usually calls Emergency Club Meetings (although, on some occasions, other club members have called emergency club meetings), makes sure the dues are collected on Mondays, and makes sure everyone has been reading and writing in The Notebook.

On the BSC she says: "We're a great group. I'm not bragging, I'm just being honest. We're all different, but our differences work together to bring out the best in each of us...which, of course, helps make us good baby sitters."

School-related Experiences


Kristy is the eighth grade. In social studies at the same time, Mary Anne is in Math. Mr. Griswold is her science teacher. Mr. Fiske is her English teacher. Mrs. Simon is her English teacher or another semester. She is in Anna's math class and Abby's English class. She likes social studies.

She has Ms. Anderson for social studies in Claudia Kishi, Middle School Dropout.

She mentions that she used to (and still sometimes does) pick the shortest books for book reports since it was easy to write.

Extracurricular Activities

Kristy runs for class president in Kristy for President with Claudia as her campaign manager. Kristy dropped out of the race for president because of other responsibilities. She wins a serious recognition award at Awards Night after finding Jake Kuhn in Kristy and the Missing Child.

Kristy tries out for the play Peter Pan in Starring the Baby-sitters Club! and plays the main role of Peter Pan.

She tries out for the SMS Girls Softball Team and gets on the team. It's mentioned that she still plays with the girls from the team in Claudia and the Disaster Date. In Abby's Un-Valentine she goes to a Sports Committee meeting for the softball team. She's second string in left field on the team in Kristy at Bat.

She helps start the Stoneybrook Middle School chapter of Students Against Drunk Driving (S.A.D.D) in Mary Anne and the Memory Garden.

Kristy ran the obstacle course against Alan Gray in Jessi's Gold Medal and beat him. He had to be her "personal assistant" for a week. She also ran the hundred yard dash, where she came in second out of six and first among the girls.

In Mary Anne's Book, she took a ballet lesson with Claudia Kishi and Mary Anne Spier the summer between second and third grade. She enjoyed it saying it was going to help her with other sports and knows other athletes have taken dance classes before.

Getting to School

Since moving to Watson's house, Kristy takes the bus to school. Her backpack has lots of compartments in it. Kristy puts homework in one of the outside compartments, notebooks in another, and books in the third.


Kristy gets straight A's on her report cards and sometimes gets a B. She fails the same science tests twice during the race for class president.


Kristy usually brings lunch to school often: peanut butter and jelly sandwich, apple, Doritos, and a fruit juice box. She and Mary Anne decided bringing bag lunches looks too babyish for eighth grade. Kristy usually makes funny disgusting comments about school food, which she sometimes eats.

Social Activities


Kristy goes with Alan Gray to Final Fling and dances with him in Kristy and the Sister War. Kristy goes by herself to the Remember September Dance and the school spring dance.

Kristy goes with Bart Taylor to the Halloween Hop, Valentine, and the community center spring dance together.

She dances at the Leicester Lodge Dance with Jay Marsden in Baby-sitters' Winter Vacation. She dresses as Amelia Earhart for the Mischief Night Masquerade in Stacey and the Haunted Masquerade.

She doesn't go the Valentine's Day Dance in Abby's Un-Valentine, opting to go to the movies with Abby Stevenson as friends instead.


  • Caribbean Cruise to Bahamas/Walt Disney World, Florida - BSC Super Special #1
  • Camp Mohawk, Catskill Mountains - BSC Super Special #2
  • Leicester Lodge, Vermont - BSC Super Special #3
  • Palo City, California - BSC Super Special #5 and #12
  • New York City - BSC #18, Super Special #6
  • Shadow Lake, Massachusetts - BSC Super Special #8
  • Sea City, New Jersey - BSC Super Special #10
  • Cross USA RV Trip -BSC Super Special #14
  • England/France - BSC Super Special #15

Relationships With Family

Karen Brewer:

Karen is Kristy's younger stepsister. While Karen can be overly dramatic and overwhelming, Kristy loves Karen a lot. Kristy helps Karen and while Karen sometimes spooks Kristy with her stories (like at the beginning of Book #6 Kristy's Big Day), Karen loves her big stepsister right back. Kristy helped Karen prepare for the Little Miss Stoneybrook beauty pageant in Book #15 Little Miss Stoneybrook...and Dawn.

While Karen was upset that she lost, Kristy gave her a hug and wiped away her tears and comforted her, as any good big sister would. Kristy loves when Karen is visiting and misses her when she's at her mother and stepfather's house. Kristy tucks Karen in bed and reads her stories. Things are always even more exciting and crazy when Karen is visiting, and Kristy loves that. Karen trusts Kristy. Karen often copies Kristy, like what she does, what she says, and really looks up to her. When Kristy did something bad in Book #74 Kristy and the Copycat, Kristy didn't want Karen to find out about it and start thinking Kristy was a bad person, revealing that Kristy cares about what Karen thinks of her.

Andrew Brewer:

Andrew is Kristy's younger stepbrother. Since Andrew is quiet and shy and Kristy is loud and talkative, it'd seem like they wouldn't get along. Andrew and Kristy have a loving sibling relationship, and care for each other. He had trouble opening up to her at first (because of his shyness) but when he did, they got along great.

Emily Michelle Brewer:

Emily Michelle is Kristy's younger adopted half-sister. Kristy loved her sister right from the start, and Emily Michelle loves Kristy right back. Kristy is willing to play Emily's favorite game, Shark Attack, with her, and Kristy let Emily Michelle make a collage in Book #45 Kristy and the Baby Parade.

David Michael Thomas:

David Michael is Kristy's younger brother. Kristy loves baby sitting for David Michael and helps him out (such as in Book #1 Kristy's Great Idea when she helped him when he was locked out of the house and made him lemonade). David Michael may love bugging and embarrassing his sister, but he loves her.

Charlie Thomas:

Charlie is Kristy's older brother. Charlie got Kristy's silent signals in Book #11 Kristy and the Snobs, which means he understands her. Charlie kicked Kristy's foot under the table in Book #1 Kristy's Great Idea. Charlie invited Kristy to play football in the Hanson's backyard with him and Sam, showing he likes having her around and that they have a common interest in sports. In fact, Kristy's brothers (and the fact that she grew up with no sisters) are the reason for Kristy's love of sports since she grew up around it. Charlie drives Kristy to and from Baby Sitters Club meetings for a fee of 50 cents.

Sam Thomas:

Sam is Kristy's older brother. Sam doesn't mind playing football with Kristy and even hangs out with her. While it can be assumed that Sam is jealous of Kristy (see Sam Thomas), he loves her very much. Sam often plays practical jokes on Kristy, which shows that he likes her (Sam teases the girls he likes, either romantically or not). Kristy practically has the catchphrase of, "Sam, you're a rat!" because she often says it.


Kristy was next-door-neighbors all her life with Mary Anne Spier and they were best friends and grew up together, along with Claudia Kishi, who lived across the street on Bradford Court. She could see into Mary Anne's bedroom and had a secret code using flashlights. They strung paper cup telephones or sailed paper airplanes with messages through the window. Kristy was jealous of Dawn Schafer and Mary Anne's friendship at first but eventually got over it.

Kristy meets her friend Shannon Kilbourne in Book #11 Kristy and the Snobs, although, Kristy and Shannon were enemies for a long time.

She gets along with Logan Bruno because he also loves baseball. She sometimes clashes with Abby Stevenson due to their headstrong personalities, but they remain friends in the Friends Forever series.

She missed Stacey McGill while she was back in New York City. Although Jessi Ramsey and Mallory Pike are younger, they too are Kristy's friends. She sometimes clashes with Abby Stevenson due to their love of sports, but they remain friends.

Kristy used to eat lunch with The Shilaber Twins for years, along with Mary Anne, until she started eating with The Baby-Sitters Club.

Mary Anne mentions that Kristy is friends with Amelia Freeman, but she didn't know her that well.

In Stacey and the Boyfriend Trap, she mentions that she got along well with Logan Bruno and they would talk about sports.

In Karen's Two Families, Kristy mentions that she has a new friend named Tess.


Bart Taylor

Kristy's notable relationship/crush is Bart Taylor, the coach of rival softball team Bart's Bashers. They met and became friends in Book #20 Kristy and the Walking Disaster. Bart was over at Kristy's house in Super Special #7 Snowbound. Kristy and Bart often talk on the phone. They both like each other romantically, but it didn't get very far. Bart had very strong feelings for Kristy, but she wasn't able to reciprocate his feelings for her. In Kristy and the Haunted Mansion, she admits that sometimes she feels shy around him.

Alan Gray

Kristy has a love-hate relationship with her frenemy (friend and enemy) Alan Gray. She thinks he's a lot of fun and has gone to dances with him. He has a crush on her, but it is unknown if she feels the same way. Kristy also thinks he can be a real pain. They danced together in Kristy and the Sister War. To see more of the relationship between Alan and Kristy, see Kalan. 

Kristy once went out on a double date with Claudia Kishi and Josh and one of his friends, Steve. Steve and Kristy did not hit it off and she never spoke of it again.

Kristy's Krushers

In addition to her club responsibilities, Kristy coaches a softball team called Kristy's Krushers, created for kids who are too young for Little League, not good enough for Little League, or too scared or shy to try out for Little League.


In the BSC Graphic Novels

Kristy appears in the graphic novels by Raina Telgemeier, Gale Galligan, Gabriela Epstein, Chan Chau, Cynthia Yuan Cheng, Ellen T Crenshaw, and Arley Nopra. She appears in all the adaptations and is similar to how she is in the original series, except her hair is a little bit brighter and her skin is darker.

Media Portrayals

TV Series (1990)

Kristy is portrayed by actress Avriel Hillman. This Kristy is not too different from her book counterpart. She is shown to be rather bossy and always wears her hair in a ponytail and has bangs.


Kristy is portrayed by Schuyler Fisk. Her hair became reddish and worn in a low ponytail, she also has lots of freckles.

Netflix Series

Kristy is portrayed by Sophie Grace. She says that she had head lice several times. At least one early critic review calls this version of Kristy too bossy. This Kristy alternates from wearing her hair up in a ponytail and down instead of always up.


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