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Note: This article is about the episode. For the book by the same name, please see Kristy and the Baby Parade.

"Kristy and the Baby Parade" is the eighth episode of Season 2 of Netflix reboot. It is based on Kristy and the Baby Parade, the forty-fifth book of the original Baby-Sitters Club series. [1]

Episode Description[]

The return of the Stoneybrook Baby Parade leads to a crafty (and chaotic) project for the BSC—and a bittersweet surprise for Kristy and her family.


Kristy's father is coming to town for the weekend with his new girlfriend Jocelyn, and they have a baby boy.


Returning Cast[]

Similarities to Source Material[]

  • Claudia and Stacey's idea for the float was in the book.
  • The float still looks terrible and the girls wind up hating it.
  • Stacey did mix the paint and she did decide on the orange.
  • Between Kristy's Great Idea to at least sometime around BSC in the USA Patrick was married.

Differences from Source Material[]

  • In the original book, Patrick Thomas does not show up and does not have a new girlfriend and child.
  • Mary Anne mentions that Stacey's dad works in marketing when he is a lawyer in the source material.
  • None of the girls float ideas matched up with the original novel (aside from Stacey and Claudia):
    • Kristy: baseball theme, the babies are in little uniforms and the float like a baseball diamond in the episode she said nothing.
    • Dawn: surfin' USA, the babies on surf boards in swimsuits and the float designed like a beach in the episode she suggested a music festival.
    • Mary Anne: three little kittens, the babies dressed as kittens and Tigger on the float. In the episode she and Jessi together suggested babies dressed as ballet characters.
    • Mallory: suggested she dress the babies like horses and in the episode she suggested the little old lady who lived in a shoe.
    • Jessi never pitched her idea if she had one
  • In the book the float was built in Claudia's backyard not in Kristy's.

Pop Culture References[]

  • Mary Anne watches Doctor Who.

Songs Used[]


  • The episode combines elements of Kristy's Big News. However, Charlie is more upset about his father than Sam was.
  • Kristy has a great aunt Trudy.
  • The history of the parade is never told in the book.
  • Stacey's parents divorce is foreshadowed once again but due to the cancellation, it's never developed farther.
  • It's never known if Watson formally adopts Kristy, Charlie, Sam, and David Michael.
  • This book barely resembles the plot of the original novel.
  • This was the final episode of the reboot series, as it was not renewed to have a third season.
  • A new recording of the original theme song from the 90s TV series plays at the end of the episode.