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Kristy and the Cat Burglar is the 36th and last book in The Baby-Sitters Club Mystery series.

Back Cover Summary[]

Is the Cat Burglar loose in Stoneybrook? The Baby-sitters think so. A cache of diamonds disappeared from a mansion while the security guard was called away, and the silhouette of a cat was stenciled on the mailbox. But other clues point to different conclusions, and the police have taken a very surprising suspect into custody. Now Kristy and her friends aren't sure whom to trust. Can they sort out the real leads from the fakes...or was this the purr-fect crime?


Characters in this book[]

Kristy's Family

BSC Members




  • Mr. Papadakis (mentioned)
  • Sergeant Johnson
  • Officer Hopkins – policewoman
  • Sergeant Winters – policeman
  • Jack Fenton – Security guard
  • Cecelia Parker (mentioned)
  • Mr. Retlin (mentioned)
  • Landscaper at the Ramsey’s house (mentioned)
  • Reinhart Golem
  • Chief Pierce – police chief

Places in This Book[]

  • Brewer/Thomas House
  • Reinhart Golem’s mansion
  • Kishi House
  • Johanssen House
  • Mancusi House – outside only
  • Rodowsky house – outside only
  • Ramsey house – outside only
  • Chez Maurice
  • Stoneybrook Police Station

Pop Culture and Real-Life References[]

  • “Harriet the Spy” is mentioned throughout the book.
  • Fig Newtons

Continuity and Inconsistencies[]




  • Cary is one the few outsiders that attendants a BSC meeting.
  • There's a private road in Watson's neighborhood.
  • Charlotte's mom gave her a tape recorder from the hospital.
  • Vanessa and Becca hang out without Charlotte sometimes.
  • Kristy was the one who found the bullet casing.
  • Claudia has read and enjoyed Harriet the Spy.
  • Adam Pike wears an old shirt of Mallory's when Charlotte is spying.
  • Matthew Braddock has gotten better at lip reading.
  • Janine doesn't question Claudia or the BSC about why a police officer is visiting them.
  • Claudia watches police shows to know that "whats your twenty" means whats your location.
  • Sam calls Cary a wise guy.
  • The BSC decides to stop solving mysteries in this book.
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