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Kristy and the Missing Fortune is the nineteenth book in The Baby-Sitters Club Mystery series.

Back Cover Summary[]

In an old history book of Stoneybrook, Kristy finds a name that really catches her eye: Christina Thomas. The more she reads about Christina, the more excited Kristy gets. It turns out that Christina, who was an heiress, disappeared in 1863, when she was just seventeen. Nobody knows where she went — or what happened to the fortune she took with her.

Could someone with such a similar name be an ancestor of Kristy's? And would that make Kristy an heiress, too? One thing is for sure: the Baby-sitters are going to track down some answers — and maybe even the fortune!


When Kristy and her siblings (David Michael, Karen, Andrew, and Emily Michelle) are stuck inside Watson's house with cabin fever, they decide to go into the library. While playing a game with Karen and David Michael to try and find the oldest book in the library, Kristy finds an old-looking book titled The Stoneybrooke Town Record, dated 1864. David Michael suggests looking through the old directory of people who lived in Stoneybrook back then to see if the Thomas family had any famous ancestors. Then, Kristy stumbles upon an entry labeled Christina Thomas, and says that she was born September 7, 1845, date of death unknown. She was also the daughter of Rachel and John Thomas (who both died 1861) of Squirelot. However, Christina disappeared in January of 1863 under mysterious circumstances.

At the next club meeting, Kristy tells the rest of the BSC about finding Christina's name. The next day she decides to research more about who Christina was and why she had disappeared. Kristy discovers that Christina's Parents, John and Rachel Thomas, had died in a freak carriage accident in 1861, when Christina was only 16. However, the accident made her rich, and her parents' estate, Squirelot, was divided amongst Christina and her two younger brothers, Devon and Edward. The last article Kristy found about Christina was of her disappearance in January 1863. There was no real information to where Christina might have gone or why, but according to her brother Edward, a small fortune in gold aswell as documents representing a share of the Thomas family holdings disappeared along with Christina. Kristy realizes that if Christina was a relative of hers, the missing fortune might make Kristy an heiress, too. Mallory also tells the club about the Stoneybrook Arboretum, which is struggling to keep open, and maybe the club could help out and clean and furnish the grounds. The club decides to send their bored charges to the arboretum to clean up and volunteer.

Kristy decides to hire Claudia and Mary Anne to help her with research on Christina's family. They find out the details of the carriage accident in which Christina's parents died, and that she had left Squirelot around Jan 8 of 1863. The newspaper microfilm said that a scullery maid insisted Christina had been headed for Pennsylvania, however no trace of her was ever found there or anywhere between it and Stoneybrook. They also successfully trace the descendants of Christina's family: Devon's descendants as well as Edward's descendants. As Mary, one of Edward's daughters, never had kids, and Ellen, Edward's other daughter, couldn't have had any Thomas descendants, Scott would have had to be Kristy's ancestor. As Scott's descendants were never mentioned in the newspaper, Kristy decides to trace down Ellen's descendants to a woman named Mildred Abbott. Curious about Christina, Kristy calls Mildred Abbott, who invites her over for tea. Abbott seems to have a liking in Kristy's passion for the mystery of Christina, so she gives Kristy an old letter of Christina's, which was the last anyone had ever heard of her. Christina's brother Devon had a business partner by the name of Simon Clock, who Devon wanted Christina to marry. Even so, Christina was already in love with a Union Soldier named Henry Gordon and was indifferent to Simon. She made plans to elope with Henry, unfortunately, he got shipped off to Pennsylvania. Mrs. Abbott gives Kristy a letter which is described as 'the last anyone had ever seen or heard of Christina', which is a letter telling Henry to meet her at their special place at 10 PM on Valentines Day.

After that, Kristy goes to the library to research Squirelot, Christina's parents' estate. She finds an old map of Stoneybrook and compares it to a new one, but notices something familiar about the placement of Squirelot. Meanwhile Dawn and Jessi are working at the arboretum where they volunteered to clean up its grounds. Dawn finds a brass plaque covered with vines, which reads 'Squirelot'. The arboretum is proven to be Squirelot.

The BSC tries to figure out what Christina meant by 'special place' in her letter. Stacey points out that there are roses drawn around the date in a perfect circle, and that could maybe symbolize something. Jessi says that there is a rose garden and that they could search there for the treasure, and Dawn says that there are roses carved onto the fence and maybe the hidden treasure could be around there. They research what happened on Valentines' day in 1863, and Mary Anne points out that there is a full moon. Mallory expands on that and suggests that the full moon would somehow lead Henry to the treasure, and the BSC is able to agree on this.

Kristy and the rest of the club make plans to go on a stakeout at night, during the next full moon. They meet Cokie Mason, who is Mildred's granddaughter. She hopes to find the fortune and helps dig for it. They search around the rose garden as well as the fences, and are about to give up before Mary Anne points out the full moon. The full moon is rising in the sky, and the silhouette of a tree is perfectly outlined on the moon. Jessi and Mal grab shovels while the rest of the BSC run to the tree and start to dig. Kristy finds a metal box with a locket of Christina inside (in which Christina looked just like Kristy) and papers with the lease to Squirelot, as well as a note saying that the property was to be inherited by Henry. Cokie is disappointed that there is no fortune hiding. Below it is a note that says that Christina bequeathed the land of Squirelot to Stoneybrook, meaning that the arboretum was saved.

THe story ends with a party and a benefactor donating to keep the arboretum open forever.

Characters in this book[]

Kristy's Family

BSC Members




Places in this book[]

Pop Culture and Real Life References[]

  • Tiffany's
  • Gaultier
  • Nancy Drew
  • Matisse (artist)
  • Barney

Continuity and Inconsistencies[]



  • This is one of the books where Charlotte Johanssen is mentioned to be in third grade, when she is supposed to be in fourth.


  • Kristy Thomas and her immediate family could be related to Christina Thomas. Mary Anne, Claudia, and Kristy never found info about Scott's family during the research. It's unclear where Patrick and his brother grew up, so they could be connected.
  • If she had a million dollars to herself, Kristy would buy baseball equipment and Mets tickets.
  • Kristy still thinks Watson still has stupid jokes.
  • When Kristy gets excited about something, sometimes she wishes that she never made the rules.
  • This is one of the few times Kristy wears a dress.
  • It's noted that all of the BSC members know at least a little ASL.
  • Nannie is a knicks fan.
  • There's a set of apartments by downtown Stoneybrook, Mildred Abbott lives in one of them.
  • It's noted on page seventy-two its noted that most people around town heard about the BSC, even if they're not clients.
  • It's unclear why Kristy never asked her mother about Patrick's side of the family or called her uncle.
  • Kristy can't stand the sight of loose wiggling teeth.
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