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This article is about the original novel. For the graphic novel, see Kristy and the Snobs (Graphic Novel). For the Netflix episode, see Kristy and the Snobs (episode).

Kristy and the Snobs is the eleventh book in the original The Baby-Sitters Club series by Ann M. Martin. Kristy moves to a new neighborhood following her mother's marriage in Book #6 Kristy's Big Day, where she is feeling inferior to the other residents, especially when they make fun of her sick dog, Louie Thomas. Also, a new associate member, Shannon Kilbourne, joins the club.

Back Cover[]

Kristy's mom got married again last summer and now Kristy and her family live in a new neighborhood. The kids aren't very friendly. In fact, they're...well, snobs. They criticize Kristy's clothes. They make fun of the Baby-sitters Club. And worst of all, they laugh at Louie, Kristy's pet collie, who's going blind. Nobody does that and gets away with it!

Kristy's fighting mad — and she's not going to put up with it much longer. If anyone can beat a Snob Attack, it's the Baby-sitters Club. And that's just what they're going to do!

Main Plot[]

Kristy has a hard time fitting into her new neighborhood and thinks the other girls in the neighborhood are snobs. When she first meets Shannon Kilbourne, they instantly hate each other and start pulling pranks on each other.

Later, Shannon confesses that she was jealous of Kristy's success with the Baby-sitters Club and the jobs that Kristy was getting that used to go to Shannon. They end up becoming friends and Shannon becomes an associate member of the BSC.

Kristy babysits for new clients, The Delaneys and she and the BSC deal with their spoiled children, Amanda and Max.


The Thomas-Brewer family's collie dog, Louie is getting ill and old which forces the family to put Louie down. The family throws a funeral for Louie and in the end, they adopt one of Shannon Kilbourne's puppies and named it "Shannon".

Baby-Sitting Chapters

  • Mary Anne babysits for the Perkinses where Myriah & Gabbie are helping prepare the room for their new baby sister. When Jamie Newton visits the girls, he says that he wanted to call his baby sister "stupid-head" which makes Gabbie upset. To help cheer Gabbie up, Myriah & Mary Anne throw a tea party for Gabbie and her toys.
  • Dawn babysits her younger brother, Jeff, who gives her a hard time and yells at her which upsets her. At the next club meeting, Dawn appears visibly upset over what happened.
  • Claudia helps out Mallory Pike with her siblings (Adam, Jordan, Byron, Margo, & Claire), who are sick with the chicken pox.


Kristy's Family

BSC Members





  • Mimi Yamamoto
  • Mrs. Delaney
  • Mrs. Rodowsky (mentioned)
  • Dr. Smith - the Thomas' veterinarian
  • Employee at Mr. Storks Diapers
  • Theodore "Trip" Gwyne - the man that Sharon has been dating
  • Pizza Express driver


  • Brewer/Thomas House
  • Papadakis House
  • Kishi House
  • Perkins House
  • Delaney House
  • Schafer House
  • Pike House
  • Kilbourne House - just the outside of it

Pop Culture and Real-Life References[]

  • Leave it to Beaver
  • Tinker Toys, Matchbox, Legos, Lincoln Logs (toys)
  • Mary Poppins
  • The Aristocats

Continuity and Inconsistencies[]



Kristy refers to Lisa as the first Mrs. Brewer. But Lisa’s last name has been Engle since she married Seth, and that happened before this book.

Ann M. Martin's Dear Reader Letter[]

Dear Reader,

If you have just read Kristy and the Snobs, you may have noticed that this is a book of “firsts”— the first book about Kristy and her new family, the first book about Kristy in her new neighborhood, the book in which Kristy first meets Shannon Kilbourne, and the book in which Shannon the puppy first appears.

Shannon the puppy is given to Kristy’s family after their beloved collie Louie dies. Like Kristy, I am a pet lover. I never had a dog growing up, but our family had lots of cats and other pets. Of course, when our pets died I felt very sad, so I wanted to write about this in a Baby-sitters Club book. Now, many years later, the book is helping me deal with my feelings about my cat Mouse, who has grown old and very ill. However, just like Kristy’s family, I have recently acquired a brand-new pet — an adorable kitten named Gussie. He’s nothing like Mouse, but I love him, and I’m enjoying watching him grow up.


  • The book was adapted into eleventh episode (the first episode of season 2) of the Netflix series.[1].
  • This is the first appearance of Shannon Kilbourne.
  • The book’s working title was Kristy Meets the Snobs.
  • On the dedication page it says "In Memory of Neena and Grandpa" Ann's grandparents.
  • Charlie used to drive his mom's beat up old station wagon.
  • Watson's house does not have a pool. However, he’s been thinking about getting one since Karen and Andrew are older. This is the only book that mentions this.
  • Louie took turns sleeping in everyone's rooms.
  • Watson offered to buy Kristy new clothes if she wants any.
  • Stacey seems older to Kristy.
  • Kristy stayed after school to watch a field hockey game. The game took place at SMS. Kristy says the late bus dropped off at home in time for Charlie to drive her to the club meeting. If she didn’t need to go home before the club meeting, she could’ve just walked to Claudia‘s house from SMS.
  • The cover is from chapter 3.
  • Tiffany Kilbourne originally starts the series at 11 years old and a baby-sitter herself. Linny says that she sits for him and his siblings from time to time. This is later inconsistent in the series as a whole because sometimes she'll be described as ten or needs to be baby-sat regardless of her age.
  • Mrs. Pike doesn't let the triplets be alone at the house often.
  • Tigger is mentioned to have worms in this book.
  • Kristy cries in this book about Louie.
  • Stacey introduces the game snail to Max and Amanda, because the kids think hopscotch is boring.
  • The Pike kids (except Mallory, and initially Nicky, and Vanessa) have chicken pox.
  • Andrew's class had read about a pet dying in a book before Louie had died so he understood what was going on.
  • Kristy misses a BSC meeting to put Louie down.

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