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Laine Cummings is Stacey McGill's ex-best friend. She lives in New York City and attends Parker Academy. She is part of the Cummings Family.

Appearance & Personality

Laine has fluffy brown hair permed; with brown eyes. Similar to Stacey, she dresses in sophisticated New York-style fashion and is very trendy. She is described as a leader, smart, and sophisticated.


Laine and Stacey have been friends since they were five. Their parents knew each other before that and were friends, too. Only six blocks separated their apartment buildings. Laine lives at The Dakota, which is a fancy apartment complex. Laine was one of the only kids Stacey knew on her first day at Parker.

In The Baby-sitters Remember, Stacey remembers Laine as the leader of their clique. When a girl named Marty leaves their group, Laine talks about replacing her. Stacey invites a girl named Allison Ritz to her sleepover and then replaces Marty with Allison. Despite this, Stacey still has to tell Laine to be nice to her. She freaks out when Stacey wets the bed they were sharing and takes a long shower afterward. They later stop talking when Stacey moves to Stoneybrook.

When she and Stacey were eleven they watched a movie being filmed on a street in downtown Manhattan. Their parents were eating in a outdoor cafe halfway up the block, but the two kept running down the street to watch it being filmed mentioned in Stacey's Movie.

She visited Stacey while she was in the hospital in Stacey's Emergency and brought her gifts.

Laine's sharing a bed with Stacey at a sleepover when Stacey wets the bed due to her diabetes. Eventually Laine, mad at Stacey for all the attention she's getting for her medical problems, turns all of their friends against Stacey. They still aren't talking when the McGills leave NYC before Kristy's Great Idea. However, the girls sort everything out in Book #3 The Truth About Stacey.

In Super Special #6 New York, New York! the BSC visits New York City for two weeks. Due to the lack of space at Mr. McGill's place, Kristy, Mary Anne, Jessi, and Mallory stay at Laine's apartment.

In Stacey's Ex-Best Friend, Stacey invites Laine over to stay at her house for her vacation. After a bit of discussion, Laine agrees. But as things turn out, Stacey feels that Laine is being a snob. She makes fun of the decorations at the dance and of the fact that Kristy, Claudia, Mary Anne, Dawn, Jessi, Mallory and Stacey are still baby-sitting. Laine says she'll soon earn a regular paycheck at a trendy boutique called Flowers and Bows. She likes to replace the letter K with QUE, as suggested when she told Stacey that a girl in her class who buys from It's All Yours! always comes home with "J-U-N-Q-U-E," to which Stacey replies, "Maybe she L-I-Q-U-E-S what she buys!"

During the time she's in Stoneybrook, Pete Black develops a crush on her and she goes to the dance with him. He says that her hair was like gossamer and her eyes limpid pools. At the Valentine's Day dance, she and Stacey fight. Laine's rude to the other guests and says the band's bad, insults Pete, and says the decorations would only be beautiful for a two-year-old.

In the end, Laine takes the next train back to New York. Stacey writes to her and tells her that they aren't best friends anymore. She returns her half of their Best Friends necklace along with the letter.

This is the last time they see each other until Stacey's Problem.


  • French poetry (#18)
  • Foreign movies (#18)
  • Gourmet food (#18)
  • Retro (singing group)
  • Seltzer water
  • To Kill a Mockingbird (the movie)



In Stacey's Ex-Best Friend she has a boyfriend named King, who is fifteen. He calls her "babe" and she calls him "heart" as short for "the king of my heart." They had broken up by Stacey's Problem calling him a real pain.

When she visits Stacey in Stoneybrook, she goes to the Valentine's Dance with Pete Black. She ends up dancing with another boy and is rude towards him.


  • She has her own private phone line.
  • She calls her ex-best friend 'Anastasia' because it sounds more grown up. Stacey finds this very annoying.
  • Laine doesn't care for school which is mentioned in Stacey's Problem, calling it "a drag."
  • She's eaten pigeon before as mentioned in Stacey's Mistake.

Media Portrayals

The Baby-Sitters Club (Netflix series)

In this version, she is played by Beatrice Kitsos. She has orange hair, and freckles. Unlike the original books, where they apologize to each other in book 3, she and Stacey make up in Hello, Camp Moosehead! Part 2. Laine was the one who sent around the video of Stacey going into insulin shock in NYC that Stacey discovered in The Truth About Stacey.

Book appearances (in publication order)