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Laurel Kuhn is a six year old sitting charge of the Baby-sitters Club. She is the younger sister of Jake Kuhn and older sister of Patsy Kuhn. Her parents are Caroline Kuhn and Harry Kuhn and a member of the Kuhn Family. Laurel is shy and is convinced that she's much more mature then Patsy.


In Stacey's Choice she orders mood lipstick through the mail. Then tries to sell it to other people later, but it doesn't work out.

She mentioned that her mom was reading Black Beauty to her in Claudia and the Disaster Date. Laurel was trying to read it herself. She tried to skip out on story time but ended up as Claudia Kishi's helper.

Buddy Barrett calls her smart in Jessi and the Bad Baby-sitter and casts her as Doc in Snow White and the Seven Zorbs.

She's shy when she's first introduced in Kristy and the Walking Disaster. Laurel joins Kristy's Krushers alongside her brother and sister.



  • She and her family are Jewish.
  • She collects baseball cards of players named Joe in Kristy at Bat.
  • In Kristy at Bat, Laurel says that she saw the movie "A League of Their Own" about the Georgia Peaches baseball team.

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