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The Baby-Sitters Club books were translated into French in France by Gallimard Jeunesse starting in 1997 and running through at least 2003. When the books were re-released starting in 2015, the 90's translations were edited to use less-formal language.

The French translations mostly kept the original American names and cultural references. Exceptions include Dawn Schafer (name changed to Carla), Stacey McGill (name changed to Lucy MacDouglas), Watson Brewer (name changed to Jim Lelland), and Haley Braddock (name changed to Helen). More last names were changed: "Kishi" became "Koshi", "Thomas" became "Parker", "Spier" became "Cook" and "Bruno" became "Rinaldi".

The French translations (both in the original and re-released versions) had unique cover art designed for each book.

Books Translated[]

The books translated for Gallimard Jeunesse go up to at least number #53 and include:

  1. L'Idée géniale de Kristy
  2. Claudia et le visiteur Fantôme
  3. Le Secret de Lucy
  4. Pas de panique, Mary Anne!
  5. Carla et les trois monstres
  6. Un grand jour pour Kristy
  7. Claudia a des ennuis
  8. Lucy est amoureuse
  9. Carla et le passage secret
  10. Logan aime Mary Anne
  11. Kristy et les snobs
  12. La Nouvelle Amie de Claudia
  13. Au revoir, Lucy!
  14. Mallory entre en scène
  15. La revanche de Carla
  16. Le langage secret de Jessica
  17. Mary Anne et la malédiction
  18. L'erreur de Lucy
  19. Une vengeance pour Claudia
  20. Kristy et les champions
  21. Le cauchemar de Mallory
  22. Les malheurs de Jessica
  23. Les vacances de Carla
  24. Le cadeau de Kristy
  25. Mary Anne cherche son chat
  26. Adieu Mimi...
  27. Jessica et la star
  28. La retour de Lucy
  29. Mallory et la malle mystérieuse
  30. Félicitations Mary Anne!
  31. Une nouvelle sœ pour Carla
  32. Le défi de Kristy
  33. D'où viens-tu Claudia?
  34. Mary Anne et les garçons
  35. Lucy détective
  36. La colère de Jessica