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Leicester Lodge is a lodge located in Hookset Crossing, Vermont. The members of the Baby-sitters Club take a mandatory school trip here in Baby-sitters' Winter Vacation.


Stoneybrook Middle School students spend five and a half days here. The lodge is a gigantic hotel in the mountains owned by a rich couple, Mr. and Mrs. George. They give students an away from home experience. Many people who work at the lodge live or grew up in Hookset Crossing. SMS asks parents to make a donation to the Winter Carnival Fund and if the school doesn't raise the money, then Mr. and Mrs. George pay for the rest.

The lodge was established in 1920 with huge additions built in the forties and fifties. The The Georges bought the lodge in 1963.

The lodge is rumored to be haunted; the ghost story stems from the death of a lodge visitor in the late 1930s. Its said that one morning he was found dead in his bathtub. No one knew what had happened to him, but when his relatives heard the new they seemed awfully relieved. They seemed to think he was in evil and in league with the devil. None of them would agree to take his body for a burial so he was buried in the woods.


  • Marie Castleman - head housekeeper
  • Rebeccah "Teensy" Mooseman - in charge of all gardeners and handymen
  • Curtis Oates - Head cook
  • Ms. Olsen - head ski instructor


The front desk has a big collection of games. Several wings are equipped as dormitories so more than one school can be at the lodge at the same time. There are candy machines on every floor and a salad bar in the dining hall.

The common room, where attendees check in, is a long lofty room with beams in the ceiling, woolly carpet, and big easy chairs for reading. It was built of brick and wood, tables and chairs are grouped for playing board games or cards. The library is next to the common room. It has books on local history.

Rooms are so big they can sleep 56 people, with two rows of bunk beds and dressers, rugs, mirrors, and adjoining bathrooms. The second, third, and fourth floors have the same layout and are connected by an elevator. SMS students can fill seven of the dorms.


  • The vastness reminds Dawn Schafer of "The Shining."
  • The boiler breaks down with great regularity all winter long.
  • The owners host trips for schools all winter long.