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Leslie Morris is a student in Ms. Colman's second grade class at Stoneybrook Academy.


In Claudia and Crazy Peaches, Leslie is described as having brown hair, which is consistent with her depiction in illustrations for Baby-Sitters Little Sister books.

However, on the covers of The Kids in Ms. Colman's Class books, she is shown as having shoulder-length blonde hair and no bangs. In the text of Class Play it's implied that she's not a blond like Karen.


In Class Play, Leslie's class was putting on parts of Alice in Wonderland. She really wanted to play Alice but lost the part to Karen Brewer. When her mother took over as the director, Leslie was hoping everyone would be recast and she would be Alice. When that didn't happen she attempted to sabotage the play before quitting. In the end, she decides to just have fun and rejoin the play. When she and Jannie argue, Jannie says that she once stole Mary Washburn's lunch

In Author Day, she plays Juicy Lucy the goose in the play Juicy Lucy that Ms. Colman's class performs for Mr. Bennett.

Nancy Dawes thinks Leslie is a little bossy. Leslie mocks Nancy for calling their teacher Ms. Colman 'Mommy' on the first day of school.

Leslie makes a brief appearance in Claudia and Crazy Peaches, where she skates past Natalie Springer and sticks her tongue out at her.

In Karen's Sleepover she brings a nightgown with leopard spots and red fringe for dress up. She also mentions that she has never seen The Wizard of Oz before that night.

In Karen's in Love, she had a small crush on Ricky Torres.

Karen Brewer finds her to be snobby and prissy, like the other 'Milky Way' girls, Pamela Harding and Jannie Gilbert.

She is seen briefly in Claudia and Crazy Peaches with Jannie and Pamela with their bikes. She likes hopscotch and stopped to play at Natalie's house and made homemade lemonade. She left when Natalie got bossy.


She has an eleven-year-old sister named Barbara, who is described as 11 going on 16. It's unclear which school she goes to but is friendly with other students for a boy to be calling her. Leslie's mother directs plays in New York mentioned in Class Play.

In Karen's Sleepover she mentions a brother that told her thunder is really dead people bowling, and if a a bowling ball rolls into the gutter, it will fallout of the sky. This brother is never mentioned again.


  • Leslie's best friends are Pamela Harding and Jannie Gilbert, also known as "The Milky Ways" in Karen's Candy.
  • Before Pamela moved to Stoneybrook, she was best friends with Jannie going back to the first day of school.



Trivia []

  • She is usually friendly with most of the kids in her class according to her in Class Play.
  • She plays the violin in the class band in Karen's Tuba
  • She attended Mr. Peabody's School of Dance and Charm with Karen in Karen's Tea Party.
  • Usually goes along with whatever Pamela's plans are.
  • Natalie Springer says that she would tease her classmates in Second Grade Baby.
  • She has a crush on Ricky Torres in Karen's Brothers, she thought if Ricky and Karen stopped talking they'd divorce and he'd marry her.
  • In Karen's Pizza Party, she got permission to bring home Hootie, the class guinea pig.
  • She and Cathy share a last name. It’s unclear if they’re related.



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