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Lewis Bruno is Logan Bruno's fourteen year old first cousin. He's from Louisville, Kentucky. Lewis is first mentioned in Dawn and the Older Boy and only appears in Dawn's Big Date.


Dawn says he's fantastic looking with a great smile. He has brown eyes, with short wavy dark hair, about 5'10", and thin. He and Logan have the same accent.


He and Logan spent summers on a horse farm two hours outside of Louisville.

Mary Anne Spier and Logan told him about Dawn Schafer and later told this to Dawn. Lewis starts writing to her and looks forward to meeting her in Dawn and the Older Boy. He told her that he was interested in acting and theater. He also writes that English is his best subject at school and doesn't like math.

Later, Lewis visited Stoneybrook, Connecticut. He visits Logan's family during winter break. Mary Anne, Dawn, and Logan meet him at the airport.

Lewis goes on double dates with Dawn, Mary Anne, and Logan to see Gone with the Wind and to Cabbages and Kings restaurant. He goes bowling with them. He had gone bowling with Logan lots of time; their fathers were in the same league. He loves the food that Dawn makes. He tells Dawn he liked her the way she was in her letters and picture before her "sophisticated" makeover. He and Dawn kissed right before he had to leave. They continue to write to each other, with Lewis suggesting they should try to meet up in the summer.

He is sometimes teased because his name is similar to the town he is from, Louisville, so people ask if he therefore "owns the town."