Lindsey DeWitt is the eight year old daughter of Franklin DeWitt, the sister of Taylor, Madeleine, and Ryan, and the stepdaughter of Natalie Barrett. Her step-siblings include Buddy, Suzi, and Marnie Barrett. Lindsey is a member of the Barrett/DeWitt Family.

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Biography Edit

She is a bit of a mischief maker and the flower girl at her father's wedding.

In Stacey the Math Whiz she was having trouble in math. Lindsey started to get tutored by Stacey but also by Claudia until she was hired when Stacey had gotten too busy. She had participated in the math fair by running on booth with basic geometry.

Lindsey is in Brownie's and marched in the Memorial Day parade in Don't Give Up, Mallory!.

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Pets Edit

  • Frisky, a gerbil
  • Mr. Turtle, a turtle

Likes Edit

  • Italian food

Dislikes Edit

  • Olives
  • Math

Trivia Edit

  • She'll call Buddy "Cruddy Buddy"

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