Linny Papadakis is an 8-year-old boy who lives on McLelland Road across the street from the Brewer family. His family is originally from Greece. Linny has two younger sisters: Hannie and Sari. He has dark hair, deep brown eyes, olive skin, and a terrific smile.

Linny and his family own three pets: Noodle the Poodle, Myrtle the Turtle, and Pat the Cat. He attends Stoneybrook Academy with Hannie. He is good friends with David Michael Thomas. He also becomes friends with Nicky Pike while the Thomas\Brewer family went to Shadow Lake.

Linny painted Myrtle the Turtle and enters her in the BSC pet show. In Book 52, he played with Kristy's egg child, Izzy and almost lost it. He won "Most Frequent Weight-Lifting Award" at the BSC Mini-Olympics. He played in a kids' band that the BSC created called "All the Children of the World." He rehearsed with Hannie and Karen Brewer playing "Miracle of Miracles."

Linny and Hannie attended Dawn's "Save the Planet" class. He and David Michael worked the "It Came From Underground" demonstration and project booth at the Green Fair. He attended Camp BSC and has gone to a circus camp before. Linny also likes to show off his physical abilities. He had a foster sister named Lou McNally.


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