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Lisa Engle (née Packett) is Karen Brewer and Andrew Brewer's mother, Watson Brewer's ex-wife, the current wife of Seth Engle, and a member of the Engle Family. She was first mentioned in Kristy's Great Idea.


Lisa looks like an older version of Karen—with blonde hair, blue eyes, freckles, glasses, and light skin tone. The resemblance between them can be seen on various book covers. Karen has also noted their resemblance in a few books of her series.


Lisa grew up in Lobster Cove, Maine when she was little which was mentioned in Karen's Magic Garden.

After her divorce, Lisa married Seth Engle, who is now Karen and Andrew's stepfather. Lisa still has contact with Watson, due to a custody arrangement that has Karen and Andrew alternating between their father and stepmother's house and their mother and stepfather's house. She still maintains a good relationship with her ex-husband.

In Baby-sitters' Haunted House, she invited Mary Anne, Dawn, Kristy, and Claudia to her vacation home. She is a jeweler at the Stoneybrook Crafts Center as of Karen's Nanny.

In Kristy's Great Idea, she broke her ankle and Watson had to sign insurance arrangements, leaving Kristy Thomas to watch Karen and Andrew.

She starts learning how to make jewelry from a friend when she moves to Chicago in Karen's Big City Mystery. Later when she moves back to Stoneybrook, she gets a job at the the Stoneybrook Crafts Center.

In Karen's Nanny, Lisa makes a resolution to read one play by William Shakespeare each month for a whole year. She starts with Romeo and Juliet. Her other resolution was to find a nanny for Andrew and Karen.


  • One of her friends is Amy Morris, a famous movie star.
  • In Karen's Birthday she has a friend named Pam whom she tells everything to.
  • Randi Halsey is a newspaper writer in Karen's Newspaper.


  • In earlier printings of the first few books in the series, Lisa was called "Sheila" and Seth Engle was called "Kendall."
  • Watson and Lisa's lawyers are John Sachs and Peter in Karen's Two Families.
  • Strongly believes along with her husband Seth that toy guns are not to played with Karen's Toys.
  • Lisa has a special hot apple cider recipe with cinnamon sticks that float in it as mentioned in Karen's Surprise.