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Lisa Papademetriou also known as Mary Doe is a woman who Mallory Pike and Jessi Ramsey find wandering outside of a local church. She is only seen in Baby-sitters' Christmas Chiller.


Lisa decided to set out for Washington D.C. to see her family while her husband was in Australia. After her visit she decided to try a cross-country train trip from New York back to California. But first she wanted to go to Boston to pay a surprise visit to a college roomamte. During the 20 minute stop in Stoneybrook from Boston to New York, she was involved in a purse snatching and hit her head.

Mallory Pike and Jessi Ramsey find her wandering outside of a local church after a Christmas pageant rehearsal. Lisa was standing outside of the cemetery looking lost. When Mallory asked her if she needed any help, Lisa doesn't remember where she is or who she is. She is temporarily named Mary Doe until her name is found.

She gets taken to Stoneybrook General Hospital where she stays until she regains her memory and her pregnancy monitored. The baby is healthy and isn't affected by what happened to Lisa. Local families and the church send her flowers.

The police has been looking for her family without any identification.


  • Dee Pike gives her some maternity clothes.
  • She named her son Nicholas.