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Baby-sitters Club merchandise was produced by many companies primarily during the 1990s.

Board Games[]

Two board games were released by Milton Bradley in 1989 and 1992.

Jigsaw Puzzles[]

Four puzzles were made by Milton Bradley.

Computer Games[]

Four computer games were released on CD from 1996-1998. In addition, there was a BSC conference on Prodigy in starting in 1993.


Baby-sitters Club dolls were made by Remco in 1991-1992, and by Kenner in 1993 and 1998.


Songs for my Best Friends was released on CD and cassette tape by Hook Monster Records in 1992.

TV series VHS Tapes[]

11 episodes of the TV Series were released by GoodTimes on VHS from 1990-1992 and all 13 episodes were released individually on VHS by KidVision from 1993-1995.


In 1995, the Baby-sitters Club Movie was released. It later came out on VHS and DVD. A variety of merchandise was made to promote it.

Boxed Sets[]

Boxed sets were released in sleeves containing four books each for BSC books 1-88, Little Sister books #1-60, Mystery books #1-24, and in sleeves containing three books each for Super Specials. The box set for reprint books #1-4 included a BSC neckace.

Cassette Tapes[]

Six Baby-sitters Club Audio Books on Cassette Tape were released with packaging that included a charm for the baby-sitter narrating the book from 1994-1995.

Mini books[]

Nine short stories about the Baby-sitters Club were produced as extras that came with either the mystery board game, the 1993 Kenner dolls, or the 1991 Remco dolls.

Fan Clubs and Collectors Clubs[]

Readers could subscribe to these by mailing in forms found inside the books.

Calendars and Student Planners[]

Five wall calendars were produced from 1990 - 1994, featuring original art from illustrator Hodges Soileau not found on book covers, featured black-and-white art by Angelo Tillery, 2 pages of stickers, and a wipe-off memo board. Three student planners were released between 1990 and 1993.

In-book Advertisements[]

Miscellaneous Merchandise[]