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Note: These are the clients that are seen in at least five books or more.

This is a list of regular clients and their families: these are the children that frequently appear at Baby-sitters Club events, community service projects, or baby-sat often by the club:

List of Families[]

Linda and Jack Arnold

Franklin and Natalie DeWitt

Mrs. and Mr. Braddock

Elizabeth and Watson Brewer

Mr. and Mrs. Hobart

Dr. and Mr. Johanssen

Mr. and Mrs. Korman

Mr. and Mrs. Marshall

Mr. and Mrs. Newton

Mr. and Mrs. Papadakis

Mrs. and Mr. Perkins

Madeleine and Nick Prezzioso

John and Dee Pike

John and Janice Ramsey

Mr. and Mrs. Rodowsky


  • The Complete Guide to the Baby-Sitters Club lists 32 families that the BSC has sat for. The families are the Addisons, Arnolds, Barretts/DeWitts, Braddocks, Cheplins, Craines, Delaneys, Felders, Gardellas, Gianellis, Hills, Hobarts, Hoyts, Johanssens, Kormans, Kuhns, Lowells, Mancusis, Marshalls, Martinezes, Masterses, Newtons, Papadakises, Perkinses, Prezziosos, Robertses, Rodowskys, Salems, Sobaks, Springers, Stanton-Chas, and Wilders:
    • Out of that list the Addisons, Delaneys, Hoyts, and the Masters have moved.
    • Out of that list the Cheplins, Felders, Gardellas, Lowells, Mancusis, and Salems have only been shown once throughout the series.
    • Out of that list, the Craines, Delaneys, Gianellis, Hills, Martinezes, Roberts, Sobaks, Springers, Stanton-Chas, and Wilders were seen in at least two books but less then five. However, the Gianellis, Springers, Delaneys were often seen in the Baby-Sitters Little Sister books.
  • The Spencers, Gianmarcos, and Dodsons are some of the families that used the Baby-sitters Agency in The Truth About Stacey. The Kelly and Jaydell family were stood up by some of the members of the agency making the BSC look bad. All of these families are never mentioned again. Only the Dodsons are mentioned once again in Kristy and the Missing Fortune.
  • Some clients that are mentioned in passing early in the series include the Willis Family and the Ohdner Family.
  • In Graduation Day, Abby Stevenson notes that there are twenty-four regular clients by the end of the series, however the client list varies. As the series went on the Perkins and Marshall family were starting to be used less, and some families moved to Stoneybrook such as the Korman Family.