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Baby-sitters Little Sister friendship book club intro pack items

The items in the introductory friendship pack.

The Baby-sitters Little Sister Friendship Club was a Scholastic book club fans could join in the 90s when the Baby-Sitters Little Sister books were being published.

The introductory friendship pack included the first four books, a newsletter, and other free gifts. Every month after that, the club member would receive four additional books in the series and an "exclusive letter from Karen".

Little Sister Friendship Club ad from book club pamphlet

Advertisement for the Friendship Club Introductory pack

Introductory Friendship Pack items[]

  • Books #1-4 in the Baby-Sitters Little Sister series
  • Little Sister Friendship Club Membership card
  • Little Sister Colorful Bookshelf
  • Unicorn Eraser
  • Collectible Stickers
  • Exclusive Poster
  • Friendship Rings
  • Letter from Karen