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Liz Conner was a former student of Stoneybrook Middle School. She was in eighth grade when Richard Spier and Sharon Porter were in sixth grade.


Liz Connor was a shy and quiet girl. She was not giggly like the other girls. She wasn’t popular, when she was noticed at all, it was only because somebody was making fun of her. Mike Rothman was nice to her, but since nobody else was nice to Liz, it meant a lot to her. She developed a big crush on him and she thought the other kids didn't know. She thought her crush was a secret. However, it wasn’t, it was a big joke to everybody.

When the football team heard that there was going to be a costume dance on the night before Halloween that year, they came up with a plan. They thought it would be hilarious if Mike asked Liz to the dance. They cornered him, and dared him to do it. Then, just to up the ante, they bet ten dollars that he wouldn’t last the whole evening with her.

She came to the dance in a little kids costume and got made fun of. She left school that November.

Later she returned to Stoneybrook Middle School to haunt the new masquerade to keep it from happening. Liz had destroyed posters, painted words on the walls, turned off lights, and left a dummy in her old costume hanging from a basketball hoop like a noose. She showed up at the dance and ended up just laughing after the dance.

Liz had spent several years in mental hospitals since and obsessed over what had happened since the dance.

She is now back at the hospital according to the days paper.