Logan Bruno
Logan Bruno headshot
Full name

Logan Bruno


January 10


Louisville, Kentucky




Hunter Bruno (brother)
Kerry Bruno (sister)
Louise Bruno (mother)
Lyman Bruno (father)
Lewis Bruno (cousin)


Mary Anne Spier (ex-girlfriend as of BSC FF #3)
Cokie Mason (dated briefly)


Stoneybrook Middle School



First Appearance

#10 Logan Likes Mary Anne!

Portrayed by

Austin O'Brien (film)
Eric Lawton (TV)
Rian McCririck (Web series)

Logan Bruno is an associate member of the BSC along with Shannon Kilbourne, and the boyfriend of Mary Anne Spier.

Personal Info


Physical Description

Logan describes himself with blue eyes, average height, average build. He has blondish brown curly hair. He looks like his mother. He has a southern accent. Mary Anne says that he looked exactly like Cam Geary.

Personality Traits

He is funny and understanding. A take-charge kind of guy, sometimes even bullheaded, the opposite of Mary Anne. Not at all jockish. Sometimes he has a hard time being in a room full of girls. He is a big Mets fan. He's not a morning person and is always hungry. Mary Anne states that he's a careful shopper when he's in the mood in The Secret Life of Mary Anne Spier.

Childhood Experiences

He used to live in Louisville, Kentucky. He moved to Stoneybrook at the beginning of eighth grade. He didn't want to move. He and his cousin Lewis Bruno used to spend their summers on a horse farm outside of Louisville.


At Camp Mohawk, Logan earns a Hiawatha badge which means that he can do any water sport. In Book #109 Mary Anne to the Rescue, Logan's father decides that he should go to his old boarding school, Conant Academy, but with Mary Anne's help, Logan is able to persuade him not to make him go.


  • Mary Anne Spier
  • Sports, particularly football, baseball, and track.
  • Kids
  • Sleeping


  • Putting on cologne, but he sometimes does it for Mary Anne.
  • Shopping


He works at Rosebud Café as a busboy; he's the youngest one there. He calls it the Road Spud. His boss doesn't like getting phone calls or talking to friends while at work.

Baby-sitting and Club Experiences

Logan sits for his siblings and used to sit for Louisville neighbors, even babies. He goes on his first BSC job with Mary Anne to sit for Jackie Rodowsky. Logan declined regular membership in the club because he didn't want it to conflict with his sports (football and track), but he stayed on as an associate member to take jobs when no one else was available. He got teased by friends about belonging to the club.

He can't replace Dawn in Dawn's Big Move as a regular member because his football practice is becoming really intense. He briefly quits the BSC because of his sports schedule. Logan can stay out to ten-thirty on weeknights, maybe midnight on Fridays and Saturdays.

School Related Experiences

Logan has homeroom and English with Stacey McGill. He plays on the school's baseball team. He will sometimes eat lunch with the BSC and with his guy friends. Logan also briefly joined a gang at SMS before realizing how much that could hurt him.

He plays on Stoneybrook Middle School's baseball, football, track, and volleyball team.

Social Activities



Mary Anne Spier

He meets Mary Anne in Logan Likes Mary Anne! and the rest of the club members during lunch during the first month of eighth grade. He goes to a surprise party for Mary Anne at Stacey's. He tells her that she is different from other girls and has a good sense of humor. They begin a relationship.

Logan and Mary Anne briefly break up in #41 Mary Anne vs. Logan, but reunite in #46 Mary Anne Misses Logan when they work together on a project for Authors' Day, along with Cokie Mason and Pete Black. They finally break up again for good in Baby-sitters Club: Friends Forever #3 Mary Anne's Big Breakup, sadly.

Cokie Mason

He goes out with Cokie Mason a few times because he misses having Mary Anne around.

Dorianne Wallingford

Logan starts to like her in Mary Anne's Revenge and told Mary Anne about it in private. He wasn't sure if they were going to start dating but they've hung out before. They were choosing the music together and dancing at Cokie's party. They were last seen going out on a date at Rosebud Café.


He goes with his family to Aruba instead of Leicester Lodge in Baby-sitters' Winter Vacation. He went to a baseball camp in Baby-sitters at Shadow Lake.


Media Portrayals

TV Series (1990)

He is played by actor Eric Lawton.


Logan is played by actor Austin O'Brien.

The Baby-Sitters Club (web series)

He is played by actor Rian McCririck. In this version he is introduced as early as episode two while in the books he isn't introduced until the tenth book. This is also the first time he has dark hair instead of blond hair.


BSC Members

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Dawn Schafer - Alt. Officer · Abby Stevenson - Alt. Officer · Mallory Pike - Junior Officer · Jessi Ramsey - Junior Officer
Logan Bruno - Associate Member · Shannon Kilbourne - Associate Member

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