Logan Bruno
Logan Bruno headshot
Full name

Logan Bruno


January 10


Louisville, Kentucky




Hunter Bruno (brother)
Kerry Bruno (sister)


Mary Anne Spier (girlfriend) Cokie Mason (dated briefly)


Stoneybrook Middle School



First Appearance

#10 Logan Likes Mary Anne!

Portrayed by

Austin O'Brien (film)
Eric Lawton (TV)

Logan Bruno is an associate member of the BSC along with Shannon Kilbourne, and the boyfriend of Mary Anne Spier.

He has sandy blond hair, blue eyes, and a thick southern accent because he was born in Louisville, Kentucky before he moved with his family to Stoneybrook. He lives with his parents and two younger siblings, a brother named Hunter Bruno and a sister named Kerry Bruno. He also has a cousin named Lewis Bruno who dated Dawn.

He was born in Louisville, Kentucky on January 10th and moved with his family to Stoneybrook when he was 13. His address throughout the series is 689 Burnt Hill Road. Mary Anne fell in love with him because he looked like Cam Geary (her favorite movie star). He makes his first appearance in #10 Logan Likes Mary Anne.

Logan declined regular membership in the club because he didn't want it to conflict with his sports (football and track), but he stayed on as an associate member to take jobs when no one else was available. He babysits for his younger brother and sister often. He works as a busboy at the Rosebud Cafe. Logan also briefly joined a gang at SMS before realizing how much that could hurt him.

At Camp Mohawk, Logan earns a Hiawatha badge which means that he can do any water sport. In Book #109 Mary Anne to the Rescue, Logan's father decides that he should go to his old boarding school, Covant, but with Mary Anne's help, Logan is able to persuade him not to make him go.

Logan and Mary Anne briefly break up in #41 Mary Anne vs. Logan, but reunite in #46 Mary Anne Misses Logan when they work together on a project for Authors' Day, along with Cokie Mason and Pete Black.

Logan narrates two books, Logan’s Story and Logan Bruno, Boy Baby-sitter, and several chapters in Super Special books.


BSC Members

Kristy Thomas - President · Claudia Kishi - Vice President · Mary Anne Spier - Secretary · Stacey McGill - Treasurer
Dawn Schafer - Alt. Officer · Abby Stevenson - Alt. Officer · Mallory Pike - Junior Officer · Jessi Ramsey - Junior Officer
Logan Bruno - Associate Member · Shannon Kilbourne - Associate Member

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