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The Lowell Family is a client of the Baby-sitters Club. They live in Stoneybrook, CT.


The mother is very racist, so the club will not be sitting for them anymore. They heard about the club through one of their fliers. Mary Anne Spier is the first to sit for them.

All three kids are really pretty, they look like China dolls. They are obedient and helpful during Mary Anne's sitting job. They are disobedient when Claudia Kishi sits for them. The kids go to a private school but it's not mentioned which one. They don't know any of the kids in the neighborhood. They met the Hobarts when Claudia sits for them. They like to watch Leave It to Beaver. The children may grow out of their prejudice.

The kids are last seen sneaking to see band performance at the Newtons house without their mother's permission.

Family Members[]


  • The next door neighbor is Mr. Selznick, who's usually home during the day in case of an emergency.
  • They only appear in Keep Out, Claudia!