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Madame Noelle is Jessi Ramsey’s dance teacher in Stamford. Madame Noelle is the main dance teacher at Stamford Ballet School. Her class has ten girls in it.

Appearance and Personality[]

Madame Noelle is an older woman. She teaches class in a leotard, long rehearsal skirt, and dance shoes with heels in Jessi and the Superbrat. Jessi mentions that she wears a turtle neck and a long skirt in Jessi and the Dance School Phantom.

In Jessi and the Dance School Phantom, Jessi notes that she can be so nice sometimes despite being a strict and stern teacher. It's also said that she expects a lot out of her students. Jessi says she used to feel she was very intimidating. It’s also mentioned Madame Noelle has a reputation in the ballet community as an excellent teacher.


In Jessi and the Awful Secret she mentions that she had seen many dances turn to eating disorders. She and Jessi sit down with Mary Bramstedt to talk to her about the problem Madame Noelle advises Mary to see a doctor about her eating disorder. Madame Noelle had also been trying to contact people about setting up a scholarship for her students, but had given up. Jessi told her about Watson Brewer's contribution and she named the scholarship after him and Elizabeth Thomas-Brewer.

She is French and speaks with a very good accent in Jessi's Secret Language. This means she can pronounce all of the French ballet words clearly. She likes to push the girls so they are all doing their best. Madame Noelle is one of only two people to call Jessi by her full first name, and also calls her Mademoiselle "Romsey" with her accent. She bangs a stick on the floor when students exercise at the barre the beginning of every class.


  • Jessi hates having her upset or mad with her.

Media Portrayal's[]

Netflix Series[]

She is played by actress Desiree Zurowski in the episode Jessi and the Superbrat.