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The Madden Family is a client of the Baby-sitters Club. They only appear in Claudia and the Mystery in the Painting, they live in New York City.


Elizabeth Thomas-Brewer passed the BSC's phone number to Rebecca Madden and she has met Kristy Thomas. Claudia Kishi is the first to sit for the family.

Rebecca Madden had a five year court battle that began when her cousins challenged their late grandmother's will. The battle was over the house rather then the artwork. When they realized the fight was over the house they dropped the case. Rebecca Madden is following in her grandmother's artistic footsteps.

Suzanne Madden, Rebecca's cousin, Dale decided to team up and see if they could find the paintings together, since neither one of them was having any luck alone. When Suzanne couldn’t get inside and Dale couldn’t check all the canvases soon enough, they decided that he would offer to buy most of the old paintings. Suzanne tried to double-cross Dale by picking up the canvases first.

Family Members[]

  • Grandmother Madden
  • One daughter
  • Suzanne Madden - Rebecca's cousin
  • Rebecca Madden Cook - granddaughter of Grandmother Madden
  • Jimmy Cook - Rebecca's son (7)
  • Three other grandchildren


The house is not far from Claudia Kishi. It's a big old house set back from the street, and it has a large yard with lots of trees. The house was painted a soft gray and the trim was a light pink. A porch with railings painting a darker rose stretched clear across the front, and driveway ran along the side of the house, past another entrance and a second porch.

The back of the second story was a wall of windows and a skylight. There's a treehouse that is near the stream that runs along the property line.


  • Jimmy is friends with Nicky Pike and likes to paint.
  • Rebecca Madden is a painter as well and went to art school by the end of the book.
  • Most of the family not shown in the book is mentioned in the obituary that Claudia found at the library.