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Madeleine Prezzioso is a client of the Baby-sitters Club. She lives in Stoneybrook, CT with her husband Nick Prezzioso and daughters Jenny and Andrea Prezzioso. Madeleine is a member of the Prezzioso Family.


Mrs. Prezzioso appears as if she just stepped out of a magazine.


She is described as fussy, fastidious, and always polite. When she was pregnant with Andrea, she knew that she was having a daughter when most of the BSC members didn't want to know.

In Mary Anne vs. Logan she bought Jenny lot of presents before the baby came. She had the baby at the end of the book.

Madeleine requires the BSC to take an infant-care course before sitting for Andrea. She enters Andrea as "Queen Andrea" in the baby parade in Kristy and the Baby Parade. She wins first pace in the stroller division with Kristy's help. She dresses up as one of the "Queen's" guard in the parade. In the book Madeleine is also on the planning committee at Jenny's preschool. She required the person sitting for Andrea to take an infant care class before sitting.

In Mary Anne and Miss Priss she has been taking Andrea to auditions for commercials and modeling jobs. Jessi Ramsey say she seems like the perfect stage mom.

She helped take care of Maureen Spencer when she came down with pneumonia in Stacey's Choice.

In Stacey and the Missing Ring, Madeleine was at a dinner party with the Gardella Family. When Mrs. Gardella started to badmouth the BSC, she was upset and walked out of the party with her husband.