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Maggie, Diary Three is the thirteenth book in the California Diaries series and takes the form of a diary written by Vista Private School student Maggie Blume.

Back Cover Summary[]

They say love conquers all.

Well, love's not going to conquer ME.


Maggie and her friends have been sticking by Sunny’s side since her mom’s death, but Maggie’s dad doesn’t give up the demanding goals he’s set for her, and right now he’s harping on her to finish reading the script for his newest production, "Love Conquers All", a new Romeo-and-Juliet flick. She could care less that teen star Tyler Kendall has the lead and will be at her home for the launch party.

To Maggie’s surprise, Tyler turns out to be pretty nice and when he asks her out, she agrees, but Maggie is not prepared for the paparazzi.

When their date is blasted all over the gossip columns, she is mortified and when her band is chosen to play for a scene in the movie, she wonders if the celebrity life is more than she can handle.


Maggie's Family



  • Piper - Maggie's boss at the shelter
  • Vance Vandersby - director
  • Maura Davis - assistant director
  • Fred - Tyler's uncle and manager


Pop Culture and Real Life References[]

  • Star Trek
  • She's All That, Romeo and Juliet (movies)
  • Rolling Stones

Continuity and Inconsistencies[]


  • On page 74 Maggie recalls when Sunny's mother died, that Dawn's parents are divorced, Amalia's experience with James, and Alex nearly committing suicide.



  • Ducky and Amalia has been helping Maggie through her eating disorder.
  • Maggie and Zeke get palm computers as a gift from their dad.
  • Ducky got his job back at Winslow's Books.
  • Amalia knows Nancy Mercado, a girl who was seen kissing Justin, and is friends with her.
  • Maggie talks to the assistant director of the movie about Vanish, she was also in a rock band when she was younger.
  • Maggie usually hates to drop her dads name to get what she wants, but she does it to get to Tyler's trailer.
  • A gossip columnist write about Maggie's date with Tyler.
  • Vista Voice wanted to interview Maggie about the film and the school wanted a special screening to raise money for the library.