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Maggie, Diary Two is the eighth book in the California Diaries series and takes the form of a diary written by Vista Private School student Maggie Blume.

Back Cover Summary[]

Weight: 103 lbs.

Goal: 90 lbs.

Starting today, I, Maggie Blume, vow to write down every bite that goes into my mouth.


Maggie can’t do much about the demands her dad puts on her or her mother’s alcoholism, or even her insecurity about being the lead singer of her band, Vanish. The only thing that she can control is what she eats or more accurately, what she doesn’t eat.

Losing weight makes her feel clean; it gives her the power she so desperately wants. When Maggie’s friends begin to worry that she has an eating disorder, Maggie doesn’t care. It’s her body; it’s her life which is what her mom says about her drinking problem.

Could Maggie and her mom have more in common than she thinks?


Maggie's Family



  • Pilar - the Blume's housekeeper
  • Piper Klein - HCA Shelter worker
  • Janice and Lana - members of the HCA benefit committee


Pop Culture and Real Life References[]

Continuity and Inconsistencies[]




  • Maggie starts working for her dad in this book.
  • Mr. Blume's new movie is called Never.
  • Flanders Delmont is a composer that Maggie really like and was eager to work with.
  • Mrs. Blume is an alcoholic.
  • The family got a new chauffeur name Reg.
  • Amalia has been working at a local ice cream shop.
  • Maxie Benox is a fictional singer and her movie is called Rockers Roll.
  • Amalia is going to a baby shower for her cousin.
  • Maggie starts a job at the animal shelter.
  • The Blume's have a statue in the living room of an angel protecting a child.
  • Dawn calls Maggie from Stoneybrook.
  • Maggie is resolving to figure out her eating problem.