Maggie Blume is an original member of the We Love Kids Club in Palo City, California. She is a very smart, mature, and affluent girl. She, along with her fellow club members, is a fan of healthy eating. Maggie has short blonde hair that she likes to do up in different eccentric styles (for instance, in #77 Dawn and Whitney, Friends Forever, she had purple raccoon streaks over each ear). Her father works in the movie industry and so she is accustomed to seeing movie stars and executives at her house. She, and her family are rich, and they live in a mansion with a pool, gym, and a kitchen so big Dawn says you can roller-blade in it.

Dawn describes Maggie's style as "punkish." Maggie wears the same leather bomber jacket regardless of the weather. In the California diaries she becomes a perfectionist. She takes piano lessons. Her grade average is a 95 to a 98. She loves Aretha Franklin. She started making a big deal about grades and constantly trying to impress her father. She later gets to know Amalia, a new student at Vista. Amalia introduces her to her friends, and she becomes a part of Vanish, and starts to overcome her perfectionist ways. She gets a cute short haircut. She has a brother named Zeke Blume. Her mother is an alcoholic and broke her special angel. Maggie's father wants her to be perfect and is disappointed when she gets second place in a band competition. She is the lead singer in her band.

She later gets anorexia and lost 27 pounds, and loses her boyfriend, and quits helping the animals. She goes on a date with Justin Randall, and it doesn’t go well. In book 7, it mentions that she thinks she’s fat. It isn’t until her mom becomes a serious alcoholic that she realizes she has a problem. Her friend Amalia gets her help. She starts to visit regularly with Dr. Fuentes, and starts to mend her life. Sometimes, she still wrote down what she ate. She is now dating a movie star, and her father is beginning to accept that she isn't perfect, and her mother is cutting down on drinking. She used to write down what she ate. She now volunteers at the shelter again.


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