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Main Street is a street located in Stoneybrook, CT.


Main Street intersects with Essex Street, there's a pay phone on the corner of the two in mentioned in Mary Anne and the Silent Witness.

In Mary Anne and the Silent Witness a drugstore, two banks, a coffee shop, and a hardware store are on the street. None of the Main Street shops have pretty window displays or cute names, unless you count the pyramid of paint cans in the window of Ted's Tools, which is the name of the hardware store that sits on the corner near the phone booth.

In Mary Anne and the Zoo Mystery the court house is on this street. The walkathon for Babar will end in front of the courthouse.

The Stoneybrook Easter Parade is held on this street in Karen's Easter Parade.

Karen Brewer starts looking for Archie, the class turkey, on this street when he goes missing in Karen's Runaway Turkey.

In Karen's Hurricane, Karen and Kristy Thomas go down this street in a boat to see how much Stoneybrook flooded after the hurricane.


  • Dr. Reese works in a new medical office building at the end of Main Street that is shared with several dentists and an optometrist.
  • Ted's Tools