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The Mancusi Family is a couple that lives in Stoneybrook, CT. They primarily appear in Jessi Ramsey, Pet-sitter.


The Mancusis have no kids, and their house is basically a zoo due to their many pets. In Jessi Ramsey, Pet-sitter, the pet sitter they had lined up canceled last minute. Their pet hamster Snicklefritz has babies when Jessi Ramsey is baby-sitting. Jessi, Mallory, and Jackie Rodowsky each get to keep one of the babies.

In Dawn and the Disappearing Dogs, they go away for a weekend leaving Dawn Schafer to watch their pets. Cheryl, a great dane, is dognapped while Dawn was pet sitting. Dawn sees her at the New Hope Park with a new owner and renamed Cleo. She is later returned after the BSC discovered who was stealing dogs.

They are mentioned in Kristy and the Cat Burglar where Charlotte Johanssen was spying on them. THey recently got a new bird named Annabelle that sings happy birthday in three languages.

They live near the Ramsey Family. They have a reputation for having a lot of pets, Kristy Thomas knew who they were when they called the BSC.


  • Cheryl - Great Dane
  • Pooh Bear - Poodle
  • Jacques - Golden Retriever
  • Powder - kitten
  • Crosby - cat
  • Ling-ling - cat
  • Tom - cat
  • Rosie - cat
  • Frank - bird
  • Lucy - Guinea Pig
  • Ricky - Guinea Pig
  • Barney - Snake
  • Fluffer-Nut - rabbit
  • Cindy - rabbit
  • Toto - rabbit
  • Robert - rabbit
  • Snicklefritz - hamster
  • Various turtles and fish
  • Annabelle - parrot (M#36)


The turtles and Barney live out on the sun porch. Mrs. Mancusi says that she lets the birds fly free most of the time around the house. They keep about all their animals for the pet sitters on the fridge.


  • Mr. and Mrs. Mancusi talk to their pets and encourage their pet sitters to talk them as well in Jessi Ramsey, Pet-sitter.
  • They keep notes about how to care for their pets and leave it with pet sitters.