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Mara, Kyle, and Brenda are three kids who have been living at Washington Mall. They are only seen in Stacey and the Mystery at the Mall.


Mara, Kyle, and Brenda had just moved to the area surrounding Washington Mall a few months earlier and haven’t enrolled in school yet. They hadn’t had a phone put in yet, because they couldn’t afford it. This was why the kids mother couldn’t call and had no idea that they weren’t in the apartment where she’d left them.

They were stealing from Lear’s–towels, a pair of boy’s jeans that were on display, and some sweaters, in kids’ sizes. They’ve stolen some food from Cheese Outlet, and some hairbrushes had been taken from the Dollar Store. They were they were also making food from Casa Grande and cleaning up afterward but things were still out of order.

The kids came to Mallory’s story hour at the BookCenter.

The family used to live in those apartments over on Sycamore Street, with their mom. They never had much money but got along. Their mom had to go to the hospital and an aunt was supposed to come take care of the kids, but she never showed up. Mara didn’t want to worry her mom, so she just decided they could take care of themelves. They did okay for a while, but then the money their mom left ran out, and the electricity got turned off, and the rent was due. Mara knew the landlord would be coming around, so they had to get out of there fast. Mara took her siblings to Washington Mall to stay for a bit.

When Mr. Morton caught them living at the mall, they had an agreement. They wouldn’t tell about him if he wouldn’t tell about them. It worked until Mr. Morton worried that they would tell on him and threatened the kids. Kyle pulled the fire alarm giving them time to find new hiding places.

The strongest force driving Mara to do what she did was her fear that if the child welfare people got involved, she and Kyle and Brenda would be separated. They are last seen going with Mrs. Peabody, a social worker from the Stoneybrook Social Services. It’s last heard that social services contacted Mara’s mom in the hospital. She was almost ready to be released. Mrs. Peabody brought the kids over to the hospital and they had a great reunion. They’re going to get some assistance from Social Services, and the family will be getting some counseling.

Family Members[]

  • Mara (12)
  • Kyle (8)
  • Brenda (6)


  • Mallory notes they’re blonde, a little grubby, and kind of skinny.
  • The family's last name is never mentioned.
    • The children's' mom isn't named either.
  • Stacey McGill is the one to call the police on them.