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Marc kubacki at world showcase SS1

Marc at Disney World

Marc Kubacki is a seven-year-old boy with a heart condition who uses a wheelchair, who meets Stacey McGill on a cruise. He only appears in Baby-sitters on Board!.


Marc meets Stacey on the Cruise Ship that they are taking around the Bahamas, which leads them ending off with three days of fun in Disney World. 

Stacey and Marc are similar, as they both have a sickness that holds them back from things: Stacey is held back from sugary foods, and Marc is held back from anything wild: Roller Coasters, Merry-Go-Rounds, and lots of other things.

Later in the story, Stacey introduces Marc to five-year-old Claire Pike, and seven-year-old Margo Pike. They become friends, but Claire and Margo immediately have questions: Can he walk? How does he go places? Does he sleep in his wheelchair? There is only one way to find out: Being Friends!

Marc Kubacki letter to Stacey SS1

Marc's letter to Stacey after his surgery

Marc and Stacey became great friends. Stacey even insisted that the trip wasn't over until the Baby-Sitters had found out how Marc's surgery went. In the end of the Super Special, Marc has surgery, to make him able to walk and do things that he wasn't able or allowed to do before. It went just fine, although Marc suffered many infections when the surgery was over, but he was finally able to live a normal life. He is making a slow but steady recovery.


  • Stacey says that he sounds seven but looks like he's four.
  • His favorite Disney character is Goofy.